How do I Cancel a Reserved Wireless Device

Important information

  1. You are charged a reservation fee as soon as you reserve a wireless device. If you cancel your reservation, you will see a charge and then a credit for the reservation on your next bill.
  2. The reservation can be cancelled or modified only while it’s in Open status.
  3. After the status has changed to In Progress or Shipped, or if you no longer want the device, you can call the selected store and say that you will not be picking up the device.
    • If the device’s status is In Progress or Shipped and you notify the store that you are not picking it up, you will not be able to reserve another device within the same device family. For example, if you reserved a black BlackBerry Z10 and the status has changed to In Progress or Shipped, you will be unable to reserve a white BlackBerry Z10.

Note: If you do not contact the store, the store will hold the device for 7 days. The store is then free to consider the reservation cancelled and add the device to its inventory.

Here’s how to cancel your device reservation:

1. Sign into MyRogers™.support-wireless-cancel-reserved-device-signin-rogers-en

2. Go to the Services tab and select Wireless.support-wireless-cancel-reserved-device-services-rogers-en

3. Select Device Reservation under Manage My Device.support-wireless-cancel-reserved-device-manage-rogers-en

4. Go to View Details under Reserved Devices. Once there, go to the Order Information section and click Cancel.

You will then see a note confirming that your reservation has been cancelled.