FAQs about Rogers 5G Home Internet

Harness the power of Canada's largest 5G network at home with Rogers 5G Home Internet.

What is Rogers 5G Home Internet and who can get it?

Rogers 5G Home Internet delivers internet service over the Rogers mobile network. The same 5G network that connects mobile phones delivers this home Internet service. The Rogers 5G Home Internet device then converts the wireless signal into a WiFi signal that is accessible by the devices in your home. Rogers 5G Home Internet is not available in Manitoba.

Because Rogers 5G Home Internet is specifically designed for ongoing home usage, you can only use it at your service address. Refer to the Rogers 5G network coverage map to make sure you’re setting up the device at a service address with 5G coverage.

If 5G is not available at your service address, your Rogers 5G Home Internet device will connect to the Rogers 4G / LTE network where available.

How can I set up Rogers 5G Home Internet?

For an easy setup, refer to the Nokia Quick Start Guide included with the Rogers 5G Home Internet device.

Setup is as easy as turning on your Rogers 5G Home Internet device and inserting the SIM card. The Rogers 5G Home Internet device will then automatically connect to the mobile network. Next, place the device at a good location to make sure you get the best service available. You can then connect your laptop, tablet, or other device to the 5G Home Internet device via Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi name and password located on the sticker underneath the device. You can also connect your devices or via Ethernet cables using the two LAN ports located at the back of the device.

Where is the best place in my home to set up my Rogers 5G Home Internet device?

Your 5G Home Internet device will work best when you keep it visible, upright and elevated on a shelf or table close to a window. Do not place your device in a closet. Wi-Fi coverage and speeds throughout the home will vary based on size, material, and layout of the residence.

Can I use the 5G Home Internet device to make voice calls or receive text messages?

The 5G Home Internet device is a data-only device. You can’t use it to make voice calls or send or receive text messages.

What video quality can I stream with Rogers 5G Home Internet?

For video streaming, you can stream up to 3 Mbps. This will allow you to stream video in up to 720p HD.

*Speeds may vary based on file size and quality.

Learn more about speeds required for upload and download activities.

If I use all of my plan's high-speed data, can I buy more high-speed data?

You can buy a Speed Pass that allows you to add more high-speed data at any time, without having to change your plan. Each Speed Pass gives you additional data at high speed during your current billing cycle.

You can purchase Speed Passes by logging in to MyRogers via Rogers.com or using your MyRogers app.

How is this different than Ignite Internet Powered by Wireless Internet Technology?

There are two types of mobile Internet services provided by Rogers:

1. Rogers 5G Home Internet

This is a fixed mobile Internet service that is delivered via our 5G mobile network through a plug in 5G Home Internet device.

2. Rogers Ignite Service – powered by mobile Internet

This is an installed mobile Internet service that utilizes an outdoor fixed antenna to receive and deliver home Internet connectivity through the Rogers mobile network available at your service address. The service must be professionally installed and linked to a specific local cellular tower. This service is only available in select areas in Ontario.

What is the advantage of using Rogers 5G Home Internet over just using my phone to hotspot?

Rogers 5G Home Internet is specifically designed for ongoing home usage. You will be able to connect to multiple devices at once and the power adapter allows for continual use.

If the Rogers 5G Home Internet service does not suit my needs, can I cancel the service and return the device?

Yes, you can cancel the service within the first 30 days and return the device in complete and original condition. We will refund the monthly service fee for your plan as well as the device cost. You will need to return the 5G Home Internet device through the same method you purchased it. The device must be returned in "like new" condition, including all original parts, components, and packaging.

How can I receive a discount on my Rogers 5G Home Internet?

You can add Rogers 5G Home Internet as an additional line to your mobile account and receive a monthly discount on your newly added Rogers 5G Home Internet plan. The discount stays on your account for as long as you meet the offer conditions.

How can I find the Nokia WiFi App on the App Store or Google Play?

Open the Apple App Store or Google Play, type “Nokia WiFi App” in the search bar.

How can I change my Wi-Fi password in the Nokia WiFi App?

The instructions to change the Wi-Fi password of the 5G Home Internet device using the Nokia WiFi App is listed below:

1. Tap on the blue Nokia access point box.

2. Select Edit.

3. Select the Edit pencil at the top right of the screen.

4. Select Continue on the warning.

5. Replace the existing Wi-Fi password with a new one and save.

6. The app will display a warning that it will take around 3 minutes for the changes to apply and will remain on a countdown screen.

As with all Wi-Fi access points, once the password is changed, users will have to “forget” the Nokia access point in the Wi-Fi settings of all devices previously connected to it via Wi-Fi, scan for Wi-Fi access points and add it back with the new password.

How can I monitor my Rogers 5G Home Internet plan usage?

You can view your usage online at any time by logging into MyRogers on rogers.com or by using your MyRogers app.