SIM card errors help

Below you’ll find tips for troubleshooting common SIM card errors.

These errors can prevent your device from getting a wireless signal.

Note: The error wording displayed on your device might differ from the errors listed below.

‘SIM not supported’ or ‘Invalid SIM’ or ‘Network Unlock Code’

If one of these errors is displayed on your device, contact the carrier where the device came from so that they can unlock your device or provide you with an unlock code.

Keep in mind: We can only unlock a device from Rogers. If you’d like to use a device from another carrier on our network, please contact that carrier so that they can unlock your device.

‘No SIM card’

Turn your device off, take out the SIM card and lightly wipe it with a tissue. Put the SIM card back in place, while making sure its fit is secure.

If you still get this error, try inserting your SIM card into a different device or insert another SIM card into your device. This will help reveal whether the issue is related to your SIM card or to your device.

‘SIM not provisioned’ or ‘SIM not activated’

If this is a new SIM card that you haven’t yet activated, you can find support at Activate or Change SIM Card.

If you’ve just activated the SIM card, turn the device off, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on. It’s best that your device (as well as your old device, if applicable) are turned off when you install and activate the SIM card.

If you don’t have your device’s current SIM card number contact us.