What is a SIM card and what does it do?

  • Your GSM device needs a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card to authorize your device on the Rogers Wireless GSM network. It's a tiny gold computer chip that contains your wireless subscriber profile to authorize a GSM device to use Rogers service such as making and receiving calls. The SIM card contains your customer number and your personal phone book.
  • You can insert your SIM card into another GSM device to make and receive calls on the Rogers Wireless GSM network without reprogramming the device.
  • Your SIM card is identified by a unique serial number (located on the back of the card). A SIM card has no expiry date. It is active as long as your service is active on the Rogers Wireless GSM network. Advancements and expansion to the Rogers Wireless network such as LTE will require compatible SIM cards which may lead to rare instances where SIM card replacements are necessary.

How much information does a SIM card contain?

The tiny SIM card's computer chip can hold up to 32K of information. That is roughly 250 contact entries, SIM card contacts only contain name and number fields.

How should I protect my SIM card?

Follow these tips to avoid damage to your SIM card and your card's memory:


  1. Turn off your device before inserting or removing the SIM card.
  2. Do not bend or scratch the card.
  3. Do not expose to static, electricity or magnetic fields.

What happens if my SIM card is lost or stolen?

  • The service should be immediately suspended to avoid unexpected usage charges.
  • The SIM card can be suspended through your MyRogers account on the website or by calling 1 888 764 3771.
  • A replacement SIM card can be obtained through the Rogers store.

How can I protect my SIM card from unauthorized use?

Devices can be configured to request for a four digit SIM pin, when the device starts up. This PIN can be configured by the user to be unique to avoid unauthorized use.