Tethering Using Sierra Wireless AC754S

The following article explains how to use the Sierra Wireless AC7545 to tether with a PC through USB.

  1. Plug Mobile Hotspot into PC.
  2. Plug and Play will begin to install the drivers automatically.
  3. If Plug and Play doesn’t start then do the following:
    • In Windows
      • Click Start Menu.
      • Click Computer (My Computer in Windows XP).
      • Locate the Tru-Install drive and run it.
    • In OSX
      • Locate the drive in Finder.
      • Run the Sierra Wireless Driver Installer.
  4. If you want to disable the tethering feature, do the following:
    • Login to the Mobile Hotspot Page.
    • Click Advanced.
    • Click Device.
    • Click Basic.
    • Change Automatically install host driver for USB tethering to No.
    • Click Save.