Rogers Digital Adapter FAQs

In 2012 we began providing digital adapters to our customers as we moved from analog to digital transmission of TV channels. As of May 2017, we no longer offer digital adapters, but we do offer Standard and High Definition digital TV boxes.

If you still have a digital adapter, you can continue to use it.

If you have a digital adapter and would like to upgrade to a digital box contact our Customer Care or visit your nearest Rogers store and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Why did Rogers provide digital adapters?

Before our move from analog to digital transmission, it was possible to connect a coaxial cable directly to your TV set and view analog channels without using a Standard or High Definition box. When these channels began transmitting in a digital-only format, it was no longer possible to do this.

To make sure all our customers could continue to enjoy their service without having to quickly upgrade to a box, we began providing digital adapters as a simple, temporary solution. A digital adapter converts a digital signal to an analog signal so your TV can display them.

Why did Rogers stop offering digital adapters?

To give our customers the best possible TV experience we now simply offer our Standard and High Definition digital boxes. When connected to these boxes, your TV can display both analog and digital channels.

Do I get any additional channels with my digital adapter?

No, our digital adapters simply provide an analog display of the channels that were available in our analog TV packages. These packages have been replaced by our Digital TV packages. To get all the channels included in our Digital TV packages, you’ll need an SD, HD, or NextBoxTM 4K digital box.

Can I see the Quick Start menu or Interactive Programming Guide on my digital adapter?

No, the digital adapter does not show the Quick Start menu or the Interactive Programming Guide.

Is TV Call Display available when I use a digital adapter?

No, there’s no TV Call Display available as there’s no Quick Start menu.

Does my digital adapter have a Settings menu?

No, the digital adapter does not feature a Settings menu.

Can I get Rogers on Demand or Pay Per View through my digital adapter?

No, services like Rogers on Demand and Pay Per View are not available simply by using a digital adapter. The unit itself is simply an adapting device.

Can I access Closed Captioning with a digital adapter?

No, the digital adapter itself does not support Closed Captioning. However you can access closed caption subtitles through your TV.

Why is there a delay when I am switching from channel to channel?

A slight delay when switching channels is normal when using a digital adapter.

Can I use my VCR with my digital adapter?

Yes. But, how you connect your VCR to your TV and select the channel to record is different when you use an adapter.

To connect your service so you can record, you’ll first need to connect the coaxial cable from the wall to input on the digital adapter. Next, connect the output from the digital adapter to the input on the VCR with another coaxial cable. Finally, connect the VCR to your TV (via a coaxial cable, component/RCA cables, S-Video cable, etc.).

This set-up lets you record the programming you want to watch. However, you’ll now need to set the channel you’d like to record using your digital adapter – not your VCR.