What types of emergencies trigger these on-screen alerts?

NPAS will only broadcast alerts that pose a threat to public health and safety, such as extreme weather conditions, serious environmental or industrial accidents, natural disasters, Amber alerts and more.

What do the alerts say?

These alerts will warn you of a potential threat to life and/or property affecting your area. They contain critical and potentially life-saving information related to emergencies like those listed above.

What happens when NPAS issues an alert?

The message will be presented:

  • As white text on a red background
  • In either English, French or both, depending on where you live
  • With or without an audio readout
  • For less than 5 minutes

Can I dismiss the alert?

No, these alerts can’t be dismissed. They will disappear automatically after less than 5 minutes.

What happens when the on-screen alert disappears?

If you were watching live TV, your program will resume automatically.

If you were watching any other content than live TV (i.e. content on the Netflix or YouTube apps, or a Cloud PVR recording), you will need to select Resume or relaunch your program.

Will I receive an alert if I’m streaming Ignite TV on the go, using the Ignite TV app?

No, you will only receive an alert if you’re watching on your TV via your Ignite TV Box or home WiFi network.

Who sends these emergency alerts?

Only authorized government agencies can decide when to send emergency alerts. We broadcast the message on behalf of the alerting authorities.

Can I opt out of receiving these alerts?

No, since these alerts are for the safety of yourself and others, you cannot opt out of receiving them.

Would an alert impact any recordings I have in progress?

No, these warnings will not interrupt or impact your recordings in any way.

What happens if the program I was watching does not resume (or is impacted in another way, i.e. loss of audio) after the alert disappears?

If this happens, try unplugging your Ignite TV Box power cord for 20 seconds, then plugging it back in.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can contact our Technical Support team, who will be happy to assist.

Are these alerts available in different languages?

These messages and their accompanying audio may be presented in English, French or both, depending on where you live. As the alerting authorities are responsible for determining the languages used for these alerts, Rogers passes on the alerts exactly as we receive them from the alerting authorities.

I am visually or hearing impaired. Are there alternate ways of receiving the alert?

In most cases, alerts will be presented in a text and/or audio format for the benefit of visually or hearing impaired. You can also visit the Alert Ready website to access these alerts using assistive technology like screen readers.

Where can I find more information about these alerts?

You can visit alertready.ca for testing schedules and more.