FAQs about Power Saver on Ignite TV

The Power Saver feature on Ignite TVTM helps you save money on electricity by making sure your Ignite EntertainmentTM boxes are powered down when they’re not in use. Read on to learn more about this function. 

How does Power Saver work?

The Power Saver feature automatically shuts off your Ignite Entertainment Box after it has been inactive for a set amount of time. 

How do I activate Power Saver?

This feature is on by default on all Ignite Entertainment Boxes and set to 4 hours, but to change the settings:

  1. Press the Rogers button on your Ignite Voice Remote
  2. Select Settings (the gear icon).
  3. Select Device Settings.
  4. Select Power Preferences.
  5. Update your settings from there.

If I’m recording a program and the Power Saver function turns on, will it affect the recording?

No. The Cloud PVR will continue to record even if your Ignite Entertainment box is powered down.