How many people can be streaming Ignite TV on my account at the same time?

Here are the per account streaming limits through the Ignite TV app and ignitetv.rogers.com portal:

  • In-home streams only - up to 5 at once.
  • Out of home streams only - up to 2 at once.
  • Combined in and out of home streams - up to 5 at once.

For example, if there are 2 out of home streams happening at once, then only 3 in-home streams will be allowed at the same time. 

Note: These limits do not apply to your Ignite EntertainmentTM Box.

Is there any Ignite TV content that isn’t available for Download & Go?

Yes, any programs that are available for Download & Go are clearly marked, so there’s no confusion.

Can I use the Restart function on the Ignite TV app?

Yes, the Restart function is available on the Ignite TV app for content that Rogers has rights to and if you’re watching from home.

Can I use Netflix or YouTube within the Ignite TV app?

No, external apps are not available as part of the Ignite TV app.

Can I make Rogers On Demand and other purchases within the Ignite TV app?

No purchasing capabilities exist on the Ignite TV app or portal.

How many devices can Download & Go PVR record at once?

Up to 5 devices can Download & Go PVR recordings at once, and up to 3 devices can Download & Go Rogers On Demand content.

Can I control which devices under my account can use Download & Go?

Yes, you control the Download & Go capabilities of each connected device via the Ignite TV app.

Does a recording have to be complete in order for me to Download & Go and watch it out-of-home?

Yes, PVR recordings are only available to watch on the go once the program recording is complete.

How long are my downloads available on my device?

Downloads are available for 30 days, after which time they expire.