What is Rogers on Demand and how can I access it?

Rogers On Demand (ROD) is a complete library of content on Channel 100 with thousands of hours of programming where you watch what you want, when you want! Catch up on missed episodes for most of the hottest TV shows for free, watch the latest new release movie (most titles are available on the same day as their DVD release), view top music videos, sing along with karaoke, watch UFC action, and much more. Rogers On Demand also has movies and TV shows available in HD.

Who can get Rogers On Demand?

If you are a Rogers Digital Cable customer and reside within a Rogers On Demand-ready area, you already have access to ROD. Tune to channel 100 or click here to find out what is available Rogers On Demand.

If you are a Rogers Analog Cable customer, you will need to upgrade to Rogers Digital Cable in order to get Rogers On Demand. If you are not a Rogers Cable customer but are in a Rogers On Demand-ready area, simply contact us to subscribe to Rogers Digital Cable and start accessing ROD.

How do I access Rogers On Demand?

To access Rogers On Demand:

  1. Using your Rogers remote, press ON DEMAND, or go to Channel 100.
  2. Navigate through the Rogers On Demand guide and highlight the desired category/channel.
  3. Press OK/SELECT.
  4. Select the title you wish to watch and press OK/SELECT.

Full details on how to access Rogers On Demand.

For more information, please visit: www.rogers.com/ondemand.

Where can Rogers Analog Cable customers learn what programming is available with Rogers On Demand?

As Rogers On Demand is only available through the digital signal, there is currently no way to show analog customers available ROD listings. However,analog customers can visit www.rogers.com/ondemand to get an idea as to the type of programming available at Rogers On Demand.

Do you need a PVR to receive Rogers On Demand?

No, these are two separate things. Rogers On Demand is available to all Rogers Digital TV customers, on channel 100.

How is Rogers On Demand different than Time shifting?

Time shifting means that you have access to channels from different time zones. So, if you missed a TV show at 3 pm in Toronto, you can watch that program at 6 pm on the channel’s Vancouver feed.

Rogers On Demand programming is available any time of day, whenever you are ready! Plus, Rogers On Demand gives you access to content you won't find on regular TV or by time shifting ̶ like hot new movie releases, past episodes of TV shows and more.

Will I have to upgrade my digital set top box in order to receive Rogers On Demand?

No, all Rogers digital set top boxes can access Rogers On Demand.

Why does it take so long to load Rogers On Demand when I tune to this channel?

In Ontario:

Think of your set top box as a computer or central processing unit. Just as it takes 7 to 49 seconds to start up a computer, the same is true for loading Rogers On Demand content. However, we continually work to improve the speed and functionality of Rogers On Demand and hope to reduce this time.

How can I tell which rental content is free and which content must be paid for?

There are over 500 free titles available with Rogers On Demand in Ontario and over 400 free ROD titles in Newfoundland and New Brunswick.

Once you select a program, simply press select to get additional details about it and check the top right corner of the screen to view the price of the program. All free shows will indicate No charge in this section. And remember, you will be required to enter a PIN in order to purchase paid content, effectively eliminating the chance of purchasing something by mistake.

In Ontario, your default PIN is set to 0000. In Newfoundland and New Brunswick, the PIN is not set.

In Newfoundland and New Brunswick:

Your purchasing PIN is not set by default on your digital set top box. To ensure you don't order something accidentally, it is important to turn on your "locking status" located in the Parental Controls.

To set your PIN, follow these steps:

  • Press SETTINGS twice and the general Settings menu will appear.
  • Scroll to Purchasing and press OK/SELECT to change/set your Purchase Control PIN.
  • Scroll to Change PIN and press OK/SELECT.
  • Press A.
  • A PIN entry screen appears. Enter your personalized PIN (it must be 4 digits in length).
  • Re-enter your personalized PIN. Your PIN has now been created. Be sure you note your PIN or make it easy to remember.

To turn on your locking status:

  • Press SETTINGS twice and the general Settings menu will appear.
  • Scroll to Parental Controls and press OK/SELECT to change/set your Parental Controls PIN.
  • Scroll to Change Locking Status and select ON. If the PIN is already set on the digital set top box you will be prompted to enter it at this point.
  • Repeat this option in the purchasing menu of your digital set top box.

TIP: Rogers recommends that you use the same PIN for both parental controls and purchasing to make it easier for you to remember. In order to use the parental controls and purchasing PINs ensure that they are active in their settings and set to ON.

Note: Be sure you note your PIN or make it easy to remember. After 3 failed attempts at entering your PIN, it will be deactivated. If you've forgotten your PIN, or would like to have it reactivated, contact us for assistance and we will gladly assist.

Why can’t I view an entire season of a TV show through Rogers On Demand?

Broadcasters provide their shows to Rogers On Demand for a limited time. After the viewing period has expired shows must be removed. The length of time a show is available varies depending on the original broadcaster, so some shows will be available for 7 days while others are available for 4 weeks. Rogers does not control how long episodes are available for, but to make it easier for you we've added an ‘Available until’ section to each episode (bottom right) where you can see when the episode’s availability will expire.

Why can’t I fast forward while viewing programming through Rogers On Demand?

In Ontario:

Fast forward functionality has been disabled due to regulations mandated to Rogers by the original broadcasters. You can still pause, stop and return to your point of stopping. You are currently able to rewind Rogers On Demand programming for the Global and City channels, but not for other ROD channels.

How frequently does Rogers On Demand update its TV and movie content?

Content is updated daily.

Does Rogers On Demand get movies on the day they are released to retailers?

YES! Most blockbuster hits and big movie titles are released on Tuesdays and the majority is available for rent on Rogers On Demand the same day they become available for sale in stores. They are yours to play for 48 hours.*

*Charges apply to some On Demand programming content.

Why can't I record Rogers On Demand titles with my Personal Video Recorder (PVR)?

Due to copyright issues, Rogers is contractually bound by our programming network and studio partners to not allow digital recording of any TV shows or movies available through Rogers On Demand.