Troubleshooting Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming Apps

If you’re having issues with one of the third-party apps on your Ignite EntertainmentTM box (ex: Prime Video, YouTube, Spotify, etc.), try these simple troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

If you’re having issues with the Netflix app specifically, this article will also help.

Restart the App

The app may need a restart.

  1. Try exiting the app and then re-launching it.
    • Ignite TV: try exiting the app using the Exit button on your remote.
    • Ignite StreamingTM: try exiting the app using the Home button on your remote.

Restart the Ignite Entertainment Box

The Ignite Entertainment box may need a reboot.

Restart the Ignite Gateway Modem

The Ignite Gateway Modem may need a reboot.

Keep in Mind: When restarting the Ignite Gateway Modem, all devices and Ignite Entertainment boxes will lose service for a few minutes while the modem comes back up. So, you may only want to complete this step when it’s convenient.

Complete a System Refresh

From your Ignite Entertainment box you can also try a System Refresh – which is a multi-check, self-help tool that can fix common issues.

Keep in Mind: Doing a System Refresh may reboot all Ignite Entertainment boxes automatically and your service and recordings will be interrupted for up to 10-20 minutes. So, you may only want to complete this step when it’s most convenient. Also, make sure not to unplug the Ignite Entertainment boxes while the System Refresh is in progress.

  1. Press the A button (triangle button) on your voice remote to open the help menu.
    • If your voice remote doesn’t have an A (triangle) button, you can also access the Help menu with the voice command “Help”.
  2. Under Troubleshooting, select System Refresh.
  3. Select Refresh Now.
  4. Once the System Refresh is in progress, don’t unplug or turn off any of your Ignite Entertainment boxes. They will automatically reboot during this process.
  5. Once the System Refresh has completed, and your Ignite Entertainment box is back up, try the app once again.

Try the service on another device

To eliminate the possibility of an issue with the third-party service (ex: Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc.), if possible, try the service on another device (ex: Computer, Smart Phone, Tablet, SmartTV app).

  • If the issue also occurs on another platform other than your Ignite Entertainment box, the third-party service may be experiencing an issue. You may want to contact their support team to investigate further.