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Looking Ahead with Cisco: Five trends driving agility and resilience in times of disruption

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Shifting mindsets from adapting to business resiliency 

The pandemic set into motion a series of disruptions that have forced business leaders to reassess their ability to not only adapt to crisis, but thrive in uncertainty.

Successfully navigating future disruptions requires IT leaders to adopt a new mindset that emphasizes the IT agility required to achieve business resilience and allow organizations to quickly respond to the unexpected.

To help businesses prepare for what’s next, our partner Cisco has outlined some of the latest trends and technologies that are impacting networks in their 2021 Global Networking Trends Report below.

Key actions from Cisco:

  1. Extend security to a remote workforce as organizations continue to adopt more flexible approaches to work
  2. Enable a safe return to on-premises workspaces with networking technologies that maintain productive environments  
  3. Explore multiple cloud services to improve business resilience in uncertain times 
  4. Prioritize network automation to recover fast when uncertainty strikes
  5. Leverage AI-enabled analytics to respond quicker to disruptions

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