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The Future of Small Business with Angus Reid: How Small Business Owners are Embracing Digitization

Scaling Online Business Amid a Global Pandemic.

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Scaling Online Business Amid a Global Pandemic

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The way that we do business has fundamentally changed, possibly forever. Many small businesses figured out very early on in the pandemic that they would have to evolve their approach. And those that have done so have figured out that it’s possible to not only survive but to thrive in this fast-changing business landscape.

To grow and advance their small business, many owners and leaders have come to appreciate the importance and outright necessity of digitization. Not just embracing shifts online but investing in infrastructure and connectivity to optimize service.

Over the last 18 months, Angus Reid has surveyed small business owners across Canada to better understand their approach to digitization. This research considers how small business owners have shifted their business model online, how they’ve leveraged it to improve business performance and connectivity, what tools helped business and remote employees stay online.

Key findings:

  • 60% of small businesses surveyed how to conduct at least half their business online, an increase of nearly 50% compared to pre-pandemic.
  • 69% of business improvement is credited to connectivity and online tools.
  • 96% of businesses that increased or maintained their investment in business tools say they will continue to invest in them even after the pandemic Is over.

Unlock the small business snapshot by downloading the full report Small Business Owners Perspectives on Digitization. And speak with a Rogers business specialist today about how best to future-proof your small business.