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Check Point Software Technologies has remote security locked down

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The Check Point Harmony Mobile platform is a unified mobile defense solution that delivers scalable, market-leading cybersecurity for today's distributed workforce.

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Remote and hybrid work styles have quickly become the norm and user-owned mobile devices are now a significant part of business continuity and productivity.

The problem is, these facts are also clear to cybercriminals.

Over the past year, researchers at Check Point have observed an increased focus on mobile devices by threat actors, leveraging social networks and messaging apps and using single or even zero click attacks. “Organizations today face a myriad of security challenges – particularly in the ‘new normal’ where hybrid work and BYOD has become the norm,” explains Ron Dekker, Country Manager, Canada, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. “The evolution of work just in the last couple of years has changed the scope and definition of how organizations need to think about mobile security.”

Compromised devices are a real risk to organizations. A survey-based study revealed that 49% of organizations1 reported not being able to detect an attack or incident on a BYOD device.

Some organizations thought that investing in an MDM or UEM solution could protect them but found it does not protect against most attacks, including network threats, zero days and more.

With more employees working from home, at client sites and in public spaces, the Canadian workspace has never been more spread out. Nearly 5.1 million Canadians are now classified as teleworkers, according to a study published by Statista researchers in June 20222. According to Dekker, “Remote users are connecting to corporate applications from anywhere, using any devices a myriad of devices – which translates to an expanding attack surface for threat actors.”

The challenge many businesses now face is keeping remotely accessed assets and systems safe in a climate of increasingly clever cyberattacks – ranging from OS exploits and malicious apps to ransomware, phishing, and man-in-the-middle shakedowns – without an oversized impact on company resources or employee experience.

That's why Rogers teamed up with global IT security firm Check Point to offer business customers Check Point Harmony Mobile, a unified mobile threat defense solution that brings best-in-class security to remote users and their devices.

Mobile Security: Robust, Agile, Transparent

Check Point Harmony Mobile is the market-leading Mobile Threat Defense solution and is guided by three core principles.

  1. Complete protection: Keeping your corporate data safe by securing employees’ mobile devices across all attack vectors: apps, network and OS.
  2. Simple Management: Designed to reduce admins’ overhead and increase user adoption, it perfectly fits into your existing mobile environment, deploys and scales quickly,
  3. User-Friendly: Protecting devices without impacting user experience nor privacy.

No disruption in operations or experience

The biggest concern for many managers looking to reinforce their digital defenses is a potential disturbance to regular operations and employee productivity. This isn’t a problem when you choose Check Point Harmony Mobile, which works on both company and worker-owned (BYOD) devices and integrates seamlessly with any mobile management solution.

The Check Point Harmony Mobile app has a zero-touch deployment feature, making sure the workers don’t need to take a single action during setup. It protects both personal and company profiles and data, and it works in the background without affecting device speed or draining the battery. “Organizations looking to enable and empower their employees need to secure their mobile infrastructure and they need a solution that fits into the existing mobile environment, is easily deployed and can protect devices without impacting user experience or privacy,” says Dekker.

Felt but not seen, Check Point Harmony Mobile security provides protection without encumbrance so that workers can keep working. Better still, it can educate users by notifying them when threats are detected, making them more aware of potential security threats and how to avoid them.

You're in control

As a manager, you can log in to Check Point Harmony Mobile from anywhere using an intuitive cloud console. The console lets you receive security reports, check apps with a vetting service, and set policies across fleets of devices.

Many features are automated, delivering up-to-date security measures designed to block phishing scams and malware, as well as detect infected devices before they can access the corporate network. Managers can also customize important aspects of their security, such as marking specific URLs as "blocked" or "allowed," and controlling DNS settings to prevent spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

And as your company changes size and shape, Check Point Harmony Mobile has the flexibility to scale according to need in real time. Devices can be added and removed in a snap, allowing new employees to get to work quickly and ensuring former employees no longer have access to company systems. 

Get protected now

Check Point Harmony Mobile provides a simple solution for companies struggling to maintain reliable digital security as more of employees do their jobs away from the office. It's comprehensive, dependable and can be up and running in your business without delay.

Contact a Rogers Business Specialist to learn more about how Check Point Harmony Mobile can protect corporate assets and remote workers.

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