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5 ways IoT helps fleets keep pace with customers

How IoT-based fleet management solutions help companies withstand disruption and move forward

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We're living and working in turbulent times, but one thing hasn't changed: customers are the lifeblood of every business. Companies that find effective ways to satisfy client needs, regardless of external challenges, are likely to emerge even stronger as business normalizes.

Businesses with vehicles or other mobile assets are no different. In recent months, companies have had to adapt operations—from expanding delivery services and purchase tracking for online orders, to enhancing vehicle and driver visibility for regulatory compliance and worker safety.

Many fleet managers have found the Internet of Things (IoT) offers the simplest, most effective means to satisfy these new and evolving demands. These technologies provide real-time, actionable data that can be leveraged to stay connected with and continue to meet evolving customer needs.

As a result of adopting fleet management solutions businesses are also realizing new efficiencies that will continue to pay dividends once the current global disruptions dissipate.

Here are five ways fleet management solutions enabled by IoT and cloud technologies can help your company move forward.

Embrace online shopping and doorstep delivery

The need for many smaller companies to turn from in-store sales to home delivery is now more urgent than ever.  But the challenges of managing a limited number of drivers and vehicles can be daunting. IoT sensors that monitor the location and routes of delivery vehicles can ease this burden by ensuring effective use of your delivery resources. This can include up-to-the-minute driver availability and analysis of road conditions and traffic for optimal routing.

Keep clients in the loop

The most important thing you can do between sale and delivery is keep the lines of communication open between you and your customer. That way they know you're with them every step of the way. IoT can help by tracking your vehicles and shipments, providing accurate delivery time estimates, as well as a time- and location-stamped delivery receipts. Better still, these processes are automated, requiring minimal effort from your staff.

Adhere to changing government and road safety guidelines

Whether for drivers, customers or even other people on the road, safe driving requires strict adherence to the rules of the road as well as evolving government guidelines. Fleet management solutions simplify these tasks by monitoring driver behaviour and automating electronic logs. They can even provide customizable reports so managers have vital compliance and safety information at a glance.

Lower costs for a competitive advantage

Efficient fleet management can lower your costs—with savings passed on to customers likely to appreciate your competitive prices. IoT-based fleet management solutions help by providing improved visibility of drivers and vehicles throughout shifts, helping ensure time is spent as productively as possible. Fleet management software also helps track idling, gas consumption and can predict vehicle maintenance—so your vehicles can spend more time on the road and less in the garage.  

Be prepared to pivot

Adapting to withstand a global disruption is not just about being ready to quickly change. It means preparing for the road ahead. IoT fleet management solutions offer flexibility, with tools to help you pivot as painlessly as possible—by ensuring managers have operational data necessary to make informed decisions to keep customer service and satisfaction at the forefront. You can't always predict what tomorrow will bring, but sound fleet management can help you prepare for it and ensure your business moves forward.

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