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How businesses can use big-impact phone features to be more competitive

Rogers Unison can improve employee collaboration and have a positive impact on customer experiences right now

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Competing against the resources and influence of large companies is never easy. But you can level the playing field by ensuring constant connectivity with technologies like Rogers Unison

If your company already made the jump to Rogers Unison, you've likely discovered much of what makes it such a powerful and flexible phone system for small and medium businesses. Your team is making calls not just on desk and mobile phones, but also laptops, and tablets. And they're probably already transferring calls to other workers and specific devices easily and seamlessly, with or without the help of a receptionist. They've become a truly connected workforce.  

But there are plenty of other ways Rogers Unison can help your employees work together, improve your customers' experience, and get a leg up on the competition. Here are four Rogers Unison features you can take advantage of right now.

Answer incoming calls quickly and efficiently with Auto Attendant

Just because you don't have someone on your payroll assigned to answer calls doesn't mean incoming callers need to be greeted by whoever happens to be in the office and near a phone. Auto Attendant is a fully automated answering system that professionally greets every caller with a custom message and ensures they're quickly and efficiently routed to their preferred contact, whether they're at a desk or a remote worker. Customers have a positive initial experience, and your employees remain focused.

Ensure customers receive prompt service

We've all experienced the frustration of wasting time ringing our way through multiple unavailable contacts and never reaching anyone. A Rogers Unison feature called Hunt Groups makes sure your customers never encounter this problem by automatically routing incoming calls through a specific group of people – say, a sales team all of whom are capable of helping a customer – until someone answers. Think of it as a kind of automated workplace collaboration tool that helps team members help each other by ensuring customers are always looked after by someone, even if it's not their original contact.

Empower your regional representative

Dual Persona lets you consolidate multiple numbers on a single line, allowing non-local workers to receive calls placed to local numbers in other cities and towns. This can be a big advantage for smaller companies trying to expand into new areas. Plus, you need never worry about updating current clients with new cell or office numbers since you can assign older numbers to ring through to the new line.

Attend to customer voicemails even when you're unavailable to talk

Imagine you're in a meeting you can't step away from when you receive a call from a key client who needs to get in touch with you specifically. Rogers Unison offers a feature called Voicemail to Email that instantly sends both an audio file and text transcription of the message to your email, letting you discretely attend to their needs with a return email without interrupting the meeting. It's a smart way to ensure you're always available to your most important customers.

Rogers Unison is designed to give you and your team the capabilities and appearance of a bigger business while facilitating better collaboration among workers and improving customer service. It provides all the features and functionality of an enterprise phone system, but can be easily scaled to smaller businesses, which means you get to have the same tools and advantages as your larger competitors. It's up to you to make the most of them.

Find out more about Rogers Unison today.