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Live Event video: How to create a highly productive remote team

Work has long been associated with an office or a workplace. While home-based businesses, including startups and more established companies, have thrived in some sectors, most Canadians connected work with a place they regularly commuted to. With the COVID-19 pandemic, much has changed.

According to StatCan research, in March nearly 40% of the workforce was relocated to their homes, an enormous shift that occurred virtually overnight. When, or if, Canadians will return to their workplaces is an open question, given the uncertainties of our emergence from the pandemic as well as how effectively some businesses have embraced remote work. Meanwhile, organizations have had to figure out how to keep their teams productive and engaged at home as well as safe.

Recently, Jason Brommet, General Manager, Microsoft 365 Business, joined Matthew Lepannen from Rogers live on LinkedIn to discuss how to create a productive remote workforce. According to Brommet, businesses need to consider three things:  their people, their policies and their technology. Companies that prioritize human connections and adopt tools like video conferencing to enable them are more likely to foster productivity.

To catch the full conversation about work-from-home productivity, watch the video.