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Physiotherapy expertise

Multidisciplinary services and client well-being above all.

Since 2013, Physiomentum has seen its client base continue to grow. This is chiefly because their client experience is so good. Clients can’t help but pass on the good word; these happy customers do all the advertising themselves for Guillaume Hamel and Thomas Lucas’s business. The services their team of professionals offers are multidisciplinary, and quality of care is their top priority. The ancestral home housing the clinic, which dates back to 1790, is also key to their success. Meet Guillaume Hamel, clinic co-owner, to gain insight into this success and the ambition he needed to take the entrepreneurial plunge. 

Rogers Business: Talk to us about your business (brief history, number of employees, number of years in business, etc.). 

Guillaume Hamel: We opened Physiomentum’s doors on November 1, 2013. At first, we were only two physiotherapists and a few members of our respective families lending a hand. Their help was invaluable, especially with client reception, for example. As time went on, our team grew, as did our service diversity. We now count between 20 and 25 employees. Our facility has also expanded; we have a training space for re-education, for example, as well as a second floor, where our specialist-consultation rooms—for massage therapy, osteopathy, and many others—can be found.  

Rogers Business: Where did the idea to start your business come from?  

Guillaume Hamel: This business idea was created with the help of my partner, Thomas Lucas. We had both been working in another clinic for several years, and bit by bit, the idea to start our own business took form. The goal of our own clinic was to leverage all our joint experience and expertise for the good of our clients. In the short term, we wanted to grow and convince our existing clientele to follow us in the pursuit of our project, gaining their loyalty along the way. For us, it was important to use a client-centred approach and offer multidisciplinary services, and we wanted our clients to be guided in every aspect of sports medicine and physiotherapy. 

Rogers Business: Was there someone or something that inspired you to start this business? 

Guillaume Hamel: I wasn’t inspired by anyone or anything; it was really the continuum of events. As a university student, I always felt driven to open my own clinic in the 10 years following graduation. As life would have it, my business partner and I opened the clinic almost exactly 10 years ago. I don’t think of it as inspiration, but rather as a vision of the future of my physiotherapy career. It’s like I was always meant to open this business.  

Rogers Business: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned by owning your own business? 

Guillaume Hamel: Like anyone who tries to open their own business, it was undeniably challenging. Leaving our respective jobs at the time was tricky; they were secure, so the pressure to succeed was high. One lesson I learned in this endeavour was that sometimes, you have to take risks—but make sure they’re calculated! This is necessary to grow without putting the business in danger. You have to go with your gut. 

Rogers Business: What is your vision for the future of your business? 

Guillaume Hamel: In the clinic, our goal is to refine our services; we hope to spread or traffic throughout the entire week. In the medium term, we would love to open new clinics, but we aren’t in a rush; it’ll happen when it happens. We also aim to recruit high-quality personnel to our future establishments to guarantee service that’s optimal above all. Our expertise has already made a reputation for itself through our clients’ word of mouth. They’re doing the advertising for us, which is a gratifying feeling.  

Rogers Business: What advice would you give to someone looking to get started? 

Guillaume Hamel: Foremost, I would advise them to find an excellent entourage. Having the right people at your side, people you work with every day, is vital. This is even more crucial when it comes to positions related to the management of your business, like accountants, lawyers and the like. You must make sure you can trust the people you work with. And, as we did, take calculated risks! 

Rogers Business: What is the greatest challenge your business faces? 

Guillaume Hamel: The biggest challenge, one that’s ever-present, is managing your employees and ensuring that the quality of service provided by your business aligns with your vision. Achieving a good work-life balance is also paramount, and we do everything we can to meet our employees’ needs. 

Rogers Business: What is the most fulfilling part of your job? 

Guillaume Hamel: The most fulfilling part of the business is seeing our employees enjoy their work. The team is close-knit—like a family, almost—and that’s important to us. It’s also rewarding to see our patients improve and that our services are bearing fruit. Watching our clients recover and benefit from our services is like our daily pay. 

Rogers Business: What else should we know about your business? 

Guillaume Hamel: We boast, above all, a multidisciplinary approach, allowing our team of professionals to provide optimum guidance to athletes and our regular clients. We can meet any care need necessary for any scenario. The work environment in our clinic is known by our clients, and their feedback is always positive. Our clinic is like a cottage in the heart of the city. 

Rogers Business: Where can we find your business? 

Guillaume Hamel: Our clinic is located in Montreal’s West Island on Saint-Charles Boulevard. It’s housed in an ancestral home dating back to 1790, and the atmosphere is so welcoming. A sport and re-education hall is also onsite.