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Success Story: Magentrix

How Business Internet with LTE backup keeps an innovative portal provider online and on track for even more success.

“Being a cloud-based company, the most important part of our infrastructure is having reliable and fast internet.”

Co-founded in 2012 by CEO Vahid Fotovat, Magentrix Corporation expertly builds customer portals and partner relationship management (PRM) portals for a long list of tech companies. “We basically extend your CRM data to your customers or to your partners,” says Vahid. But the business of creating user-friendly, integrable and scalable portals for customers and partners is obviously easier said than done. That’s why Magentrix has been such a success, boasting more than 300,000 active users every day and a five-star rating on Salesforce AppExchange. “We allow our customers to focus on their business tasks while taking the difficulty of building the portal on ourselves and making it easy for them,” says Vahid.

With an average of 25 people, including sales, marketing, customer support and senior management staff, working in their Thornhill, Ontario office at any given time during the workweek, and given the nature of their business, it goes without saying that Magentrix relies on the internet—all the time.


In addition to everyday web development, Magentrix employees need to do product demonstrations for visiting customers and hold virtual meetings with clients located on almost every continent, during which demos and screensharing are the norm. “Our employees use the cloud in order to do their day-to-day jobs, whether they’re running online meetings, using the phone system or even our own platform,” says Vahid. “If our internet suddenly cut out, it would be devastating because none of our employees would be able to get their job done.”

Unfortunately, reliable internet wasn’t always the norm for Magentrix, and past outages proved to be more than inconvenient: at times, they meant lost business. Generally, for a small- or medium-size company, lost business can mean not only lost revenue but also a tarnished brand.


After exploring different solutions from various providers, Magentrix came across Rogers Business Internet. While offering support from Business Specialists, 24/7 technical support and built-in malware protection, it was the LTE wireless backup internet connection that that made Rogers the logical choice for Magentrix’s internet needs.

“We chose Rogers Business Internet with LTE Backup because it provides the stability and reliability we need to run our business,” says Vahid. But what also impressed him was the plug-and-play implementation of the solution and how Rogers made sure it was functioning properly. “Bringing the LTE backup to our environment was a seamless effort,” he says. “The Rogers technicians made sure that everything was working.”


“There have been occasions where the building had internet outages,” says Vahid, “and in those scenarios the internet has seamlessly switched over to the LTE backup.” In fact, Vahid notes that, if it weren’t for the proactive monitoring of the Rogers team, he wouldn’t have known when an outage occurred. “We’ve never even noticed that our internet was disconnected and had switched over,” he says. “In most cases, it was Rogers customer support that reached out to us in order to tell us that we’ve had an outage.”

It’s that level of support that, according to Vahid, really sets Rogers apart. “Rogers customer support has made us feel like they care about our business and about our future.”

To learn more about Rogers Business Internet, speak to your Rogers account representative.