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Three ways customer Wi-Fi benefits your business

How Wi-Fi can improve the customer experience and increase their loyalty to your business.

Two people working in a cafe

Customer expectations are evolving. They’re no longer limited to the services you provide or the products you sell – customers want a great experience while they’re engaging with your business. This isn’t limited to excellent customer service, either. Customers want Wi-Fi access everywhere, from dental offices and vet clinics to repair shops and retailers. 

Here are three good reasons why you should have a robust Wi-Fi network built for business to cater to those customers’ desires:

  1. Customers now expect you to have Wi-Fi. With 75% of Canadians now accessing the internet with a smartphone or mobile device, and one in five admitting they haven’t gone more than eight hours without getting online, Wi-Fi is becoming more of a demand for customers. Providing a free Wi-Fi connection is like an invitation for customers to slow down, take their time in your place of business, and feel comfortable enough to get online and check what they need to check. Wi-Fi access also provides customers the opportunity to share feedback while it’s fresh in their minds, participate in real-time surveys about your products or services, and share data that you can use for marketing purposes down the road.

  2. Wi-Fi can be a competitive differentiator. Consider a scenario with two nail salons across the street from one another. Both offer excellent services and high-quality work at similar prices, but only one provides free, reliable Wi-Fi access to customers. For a new customer unfamiliar with either salon’s quality of service, the added value of a Wi-Fi connection could be what determines where they spend their money. Offering Wi-Fi access, and letting customers know about the service, could be the differentiator your business is looking for, especially in a time when customers want to post photos and video to social media in real time—including photos and videos of how happy they are with your business.

  3. Workers on the go need Wi-Fi, too. Hardly anyone at work plugs into the internet with a cable anymore. Employees benefit greatly from the Wi-Fi they have in their workplaces in order to collaborate, communicate and maximize their productivity, and they look for the same kind of access when they’re away from the office. In this age of mobile workforces, people are always looking for places to sit down between meetings to check email, collaborate with coworkers in person or online, and make the most of their time to be productive. With cloud-based apps like Microsoft 365 and G Suite enabling the ability to work from anywhere, providing a comfortable space and reliable Wi-Fi can be an attractive combination for workers on the go and a benefit to your business. Mobile workers will compensate you for the convenience by purchasing food or beverages — and the longer they stay, the more they might pay. That’s where you can use your Wi-Fi network for mobile POS machines, allowing you to come to your customers for payment, which furthers their convenience and comfort.

Offering a fast, free and reliable Wi-Fi connection for customer usage is one way to attract and keep customers coming back. You may be thinking, So should I just use the Wi-Fi functionality my router comes with? Unfortunately, that’s not a business-grade solution and highly unlikely to meet your needs. What you want is a quality business Wi-Fi solution complete with access points from a provider who gives you the option of having them install and monitor the network for you so you can stay focused on running your business.

With Rogers Business Internet, you can get exactly that kind of Wi-Fi solution, along with built-in malware prevention, business specialist support and the option of an LTE backup connection to help ensure your business always stays online. Learn about plans and pricing.