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3 ways WiFi can increase worker engagement and improve productivity

Discover how Advantage WiFiMC empowers employees and helps them get more done 

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Once considered a supplementary feature to wired business networks, WiFi has become the primary means by which employees connect to the internet at many companies—and it’s not hard to understand why. From ease of deployment and maintenance to facilitating improved productivity and collaboration among workers, WiFi creates an environment conducive to getting more done.

Here are three reasons why it might be time for your company to embrace the benefits of a robust, Advantage WiFiMC network in your workplace:

1. Help employees work better together

If you can make it easier for your staff to collaborate and work together, you're bound to see better ideas and improved productivity. That's the sort of environment that WiFi facilitates within workplaces. Hardly anyone plugs into the internet anymore, even at the office. Being able to connect to the company server or the cloud from anywhere within the office on just about any device empowers employees to grab a laptop and attend impromptu meetings, or instantly call up files while brainstorming. And having access to a productivity platform like  Microsoft 365 means staff can access calendars, plan projects and continue to get work done together on the fly wherever they are on site.

2. Increase employee engagement

With WiFi there's no need to install, maintain or upgrade a wired network throughout your office. Once your WiFi access points (APs) are set up, staff simply log into the network and get to work.  No longer chained to their desks, employees become more productive and creative when connected with a mobile device, and this increased engagement has ripple effects for your business: the more engaged employees are, the better they are to your customers, which is great for your brand, and the more attractive your overall company culture becomes to both current and prospective talent. And all these improvements can obviously mean a lot for your bottom line.   

3. Impress your guests

One of the first things company guests tend to request is a WiFi password. Offering them an Ethernet cable instead of a WiFi login tethers them to a specific location in the building, which can hamper their ability to collaborate with your teams. Staff, meanwhile, may be forced to mold itineraries and tasks around their visitors' fixed location – and should be prepared to answer potentially awkward questions about why the company hasn't yet embraced WiFi. Keep in mind, too, that a discrete guest WiFi network with temporary login credentials assigned to visitors creates an added layer of security to keep your corporate assets safe.

You may be thinking, So should I just use the WiFi functionality my router comes with? Unfortunately, that’s not a business-grade solution and highly unlikely to meet your needs. What you want is a quality Advantage WiFi solution complete with access points from a provider who gives you the option of having them install and monitor the network for you so you can stay focused on running your business.

With Advantage WiFi, you can get exactly that kind of WiFi solution, along with built-in malware prevention, business specialist support and the option of an LTE backup connection to help ensure your business always stays online. Learn about plans and pricing.