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Webinars: Rogers Business on Microsoft solutions

Workshop: Discover Microsoft 365 for Enterprise

As businesses grow, so does the need to facilitate team collaboration, increasing cyber security and reducing overhead expenses.  Microsoft 365 for Enterprise is designed to simplify hybrid work and enable teams to enjoy the same digital experience across locations. According to a 2022 Forrester study, businesses who introduced M365 saw a 205% ROI and payback of their original investment in under three months.¹

Watch our M365 workshop video where leading industry experts from Rogers Business and Microsoft demonstrate how Microsoft 365 can solve key business challenges allowing large organizations to collaborate efficiently from anywhere, improve security, and maximize technology investment.

Watch the video to learn more!

Workshop highlights:

• Detailed overview of Microsoft 365 Business SKUs for Enterprise

• How to increase collaboration and connection

• How to secure businesses with the trusted technology

• How to reduce costs with easy payments and billing options

• How Rogers Business can help with end to end set up and migration

• Working Demo of Microsoft 365 and Teams solutions for Enterprise

Rogers is proud to be the largest Canadian reseller of Microsoft 365 and Teams solutions and a certified Microsoft modern work partner.

Interested in learning more? Contact a Microsoft 365 expert today.