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Webinars: Rogers Business on Microsoft solutions

Webinar: Microsoft Voice solutions for the healthcare industry

Over the past two years, the hybrid work model has shifted the way organizations communicate both internally and with the public. This is particularly true in the Healthcare sector, where there is immense pressure on health care providers with too-often limited resources. One keyway to meet public expectations is to help staff maximize their time with productive collaboration, digital innovation, and improved communication. This task is made simple through easy-to-use solutions like Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile and Operator Connect.

Watch our video where leading industry experts from Rogers Business and Microsoft share their insights on how Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile can now allow organizations within the healthcare industry take productivity and collaboration to a new level by enabling a truly integrated mobile experience to Microsoft Teams.

Watch the video to learn more!

Webinar highlights:

• Experience the convenience of a single phone number for Teams, desktops and mobile phones

• Create a unified and modern voice infrastructure

• Reduce costs and eliminate redundancies

• Onboard and enable support with easy management 

So, whether you are looking to build flexibility or resiliency or both — we encourage you to watch our video.

Interested in learning more? Contact a Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile & Operator Connect expert today.