Get to Know Ignite Wifi Hub

Introducing a whole new way to WiFi

Get ready for powerful WiFi at your fingertips. With the Ignite WiFiTM Hub app and website1, you can quickly and easily manage who’s connected from anywhere, on any device. Plus, help stay protected by setting controls and alerts. Ignite WiFi Hub puts you in command of your WiFi – included exclusively with Ignite Bundles and our new Ignite InternetTM packages.

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Personalize your WiFi

No two households are the same. Ignite WiFi Hub makes your WiFi all about you, from choosing your WiFi network name and password to creating customized user profiles for family and friends.

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Protect your loved ones.

Easy Parental Controls2 and Protected Browsing3 features help prevent access to unsafe content for added peace of mind. Plus, create Downtime Schedules for connected devices and set alerts for screen time limits to help build healthy habits.

Image of the Ignite WiFi Hub website

Home WiFi you can depend on – that’s our promise to you.

Ignite Internet is now backed by the Ignite WiFi Promise. With personalized WiFi controls through the Ignite WiFi Hub and 24/7 Proactive Monitoring of the Rogers network, we're committed to delivering strong, secure WiFi throughout your home.

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Keep your home connected with our most dependable internet

Ignite WiFi Hub is included with the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem, which features advanced WiFi technology for your home. Built-in band steering intelligence automatically selects the best frequency to connect your device.

See Ignite WiFi Hub in action

Assign devices to user profiles

With Ignite WiFi Hub, you can assign devices like tablets, phones and more to user profiles you created for everyone in the household, to help you track family internet usage and limit kids’ screen time.

Pause devices

You can pause devices’ WiFi access4 in just a few steps using Ignite WiFi Hub! Whether you want to pause kids’ internet access over dinnertime, or take devices offline overnight, Ignite WiFi Hub makes it easy to turn screen time into down time.

Turn on Parental Controls

These WiFi Parental Controls will help you monitor and manage kids’ home internet use.2 In a few simple steps, you can use Ignite WiFi Hub to set custom Parental Controls to ensure your family has a safe and fun time online!

Turn on Bedtime Mode

Take kids’ devices offline for bedtime! Ignite WiFi Hub Bedtime Mode lets you set customized sleep schedules for everyone in the household to ensure no one’s online when they should be sleeping. It’s perfect for school nights. Check out this video to learn more.

Set Active Time Limits

Want to control internet usage in your home? Ignite WiFi Hub lets you set custom Active Time Limits to help the whole household reduce their time online. Check out this video to learn more.

Turn on Protected Browsing

Protected Browsing3 helps prevent access to known sources of malware, spyware and phishing while people in your home are connected to your home WiFi network. Check out this video to learn how to turn on Protected Browsing with Ignite WiFi Hub to safeguard your family’s screen time.

Experience Ignite WiFi Hub

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Step 1

Download the Ignite Wifi app

Ignite WiFi Hub is included exclusively with Ignite Bundles and Ignite Internet packages featuring the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem.

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Step 2

Register for MyRogers

New to Rogers? Register for an account to keep track of your account services. Already a Rogers customer? Sign in.

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