A family enjoys Ignite Internet, backed by Ignite WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Ignite WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re committed to delivering powerful WiFi for your home. From your first setup to ongoing proactive support, we’ll ensure you’re satisfied with your WiFi!

Ignite InternetTM is backed by our WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee

Powerful WiFi technology

Get our strongest, most secure WiFi for all your connected devices with the most powerful modems,1 WiFi pods if determined needed to help ensure wall-to-wall coverage, and a best-in-class WiFi app.

Ultimate service experience

Enjoy ongoing support with easy, worry-free installation, proactive WiFi health check tools and expert technical support. Plus, in-home visits within 24 hours if determined needed to ensure your WiFi is performing at its best.

The Ignite WiFi Gateway modem delivers a dependable network for wall-to-wall WiFi

Powerful WiFi in every corner

Our latest Ignite WiFi Gateway modems feature WiFi 6 and now WiFi 6E in growing areas for the most powerful generation of WiFi technology. WiFi pods can also be added if determined needed.

Ignite WiFi Hub is a streamlined app and website that lets you control your home network from anywhere

Ongoing proactive support

The Ignite HomeConnect2 app offers tools to proactively monitor your home network. Plus, our in app Live Chat support team is available 24/7. If necessary, we can help with remote video assistance or in-home troubleshooting visits in as little as 24 hours.

Proactive Monitoring helps us stay ahead of potential issues

Best-in-class WiFi app


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