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How Rogers Unison helps you present a professional image to your clients


We’ve all been there: trying in vain to reach a business to ask a question about a product or service, only to wind up in a seemingly endless loop of unhelpful prompts... or, worse, getting a busy signal or no answer at all. If you’re a small-business owner trying to make a good impression on callers, presenting a professional image for your store, restaurant or company – and having phone calls answered in an efficient, effective way – is important.

Rogers UnisonTM can help you do that.

When you add Rogers Unison to your wireless business plan, you and your team can enjoy the best features of a standard office phone system right on your mobile devices, allowing you to stay nimble, embrace a mobile workplace and still deliver a professional image to anyone calling you – be it an existing customer, a potential client or a prospective investor. Rogers Unison is easy to use and ensures your callers are always able to reach you or a member of your team.

No receptionist? No problem.

With the Auto-Attendant feature, you don’t need to worry about who might pick up the phone when someone calls. Anyone calling your business will be professionally greeted by an automated answering system that acts as your virtual receptionist, directing incoming calls where they need to go.

No more missed calls

Thanks to the Hunt Groups and Simultaneous Ring features, your callers will always be able to reach someone on your team live on the line. Hunt Groups routes calls from person to person until someone picks up; Simultaneous Ring does exactly what it sounds like – rings multiple devices at the same time. Both ensure that calls to your business are always answered, and callers aren’t put on hold or directed to voicemail.

Deliver an enhanced caller experience

Rogers Unison can also help create a “bigger” experience for callers to your small business. You can: have music play whenever you need to put a caller on hold during a call; create multiple Auto-Attendant greetings (e.g., holiday-closure greeting, after-hours greeting) depending on your needs; or set up your system to send you audio files of voicemail messages, so you can stay on top of calls even if you’re not able to speak with callers directly. Best of all, you can quickly and easily manage these features remotely, from wherever your business takes you.

With Rogers Unison, you can create a professional, upscale image for anyone trying to reach your business on the phone. There are no apps to download or launch, and your entire team can stay connected – to each other and your callers.

Discover how Rogers can helping build your tomorrow, today. 

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