Service interruptions and network outages – Internet, TV & home phone

If you are a Shaw customer, you’ll need to visit the Shaw website for support with Rogers Ignite services. 

We’re committed to offering a dependable experience, working around the clock to help keep our customers connected. However, from time to time, temporary service interruptions can still happen due to planned activities (i.e., network upgrades) or unplanned events like construction work or extreme weather. Here’s everything you need to know about Residential service interruptions. 

* For information about service interruptions, visit

What is a residential service interruption?

A residential service interruption is any disruption to the regular functions of your internet, TV or home phone service. Sometimes only a part of the service is temporarily affected, such as access to a specific TV channel or an aspect of your experience, like internet speed or TV picture quality. In the most extreme cases, the service may not be available at all for a period of time.

A service interruption can be planned or unplanned. To read more about intermittent service interruptions related to planned network upgrade and maintenance activities, visit FAQs about Planned Network Maintenance. If you were previously notified about fibre network enhancements in your neighbourhood, visit More fibre-power is coming your way.

What causes unplanned service interruptions?

Service interruptions can have many different root causes, like technical or equipment issues, fibre cuts, power outages, construction, severe weather, and network congestion due to emergencies or extreme circumstances.

How long do service interruptions typically last?

Even when a service interruption is unplanned, our teams have plans in place to address and resolve issues quickly. The time to restore services varies depending on the nature and scope of the interruption. In some instances, such as a power outage impacting Rogers equipment, we may simply have to wait for power in the area to be restored.

Is there a service interruption in my area? How do I find out?

You can check your network status on the Network Help & Outages page.

Also, if you have one or more Rogers IgniteTM services and you’ve shared your preferred contact information with us, we’ll notify you by text message or email as soon as we’re aware of a service interruption in your area. We’ll also send you a message once it’s restored. Visit to update your email and wireless phone number under Account Settings.

What does Rogers do when there is a service interruption?

As soon as a service interruption is detected, our crews and teams come together to find the root cause and resolve the interruption as quickly as possible. This typically means that one or more technicians are dispatched to assess the situation on the ground, while constantly communicating updates to our control tower until a solution is found.

What does Rogers do when there is network congestion?

We actively monitor our network performance and invest in ongoing enhancements to deliver dependable performance, today and tomorrow. Our continuous network management includes the ability to add capacity if needed, as well as strategic investments to stay ahead of technological innovations.

What should I do if my services don’t restore automatically after a service interruption?

In most cases, your services will restore automatically. However, if you’re still experiencing issues, try restarting your equipment. You can find restart instructions for our most popular equipment below:

If this still doesn’t work, go to anytime to find troubleshooting tips and helpful video tutorials, 24/7.