Billing basics for everyone

This section is for customers who have a Rogers Ignite Starter Bundle, Popular Bundle or Premier Bundle.

Where can I find the amount that is due on my bill?

You can find your current payment due amount under the MY BILL heading at the top left-hand corner of your online bill OR on the first page of your paper/PDF bill, under What is the total due? heading.

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Where can I find my account number?

When you log into My Rogers, you can find your account number on the navigation menu at the top of the screen.

To find your Bank Payment ID number, go to the Billing & Payment tab, select Make a payment and then Pay through your bank.


On your paper/PDF bill, it is located on the top left of every page.  


What charges are presented in the “Account Charges and Credits” section of my bill?

This section contains the professional installation fee, which includes the services performed to get you up and running with your Rogers Ignite service.

This section will also include any late fees should you miss a payment.

Why are there partial charges on my bill for two different date ranges?

Since we bill one month in advance, there may be partial charges on your first bill for the time period between the date your service was set up and your bill date.

Partial charges may also be included on your bill for new services or changes to current services. They can be found in the “About your First Bill” section for new activations or “Changes Since your Last Bill” section for current customers.






Where will I find the charges for my Rogers Ignite service?

All charges related to your Ignite TVTM, Ignite InternetTM and Ignite Home PhoneTM bundle services will appear under the “Bundled Services” section of your bill under “Monthly Charges.”

The rental charges for your Rogers Ignite Modem and first Ignite TV Box are included in your Rogers Ignite bundle monthly service fee, so these equipment charges are not listed separately.

What charges are included in the “Additional Monthly Charges” section?

This section contains additional purchases to your bundle purchase. For example:

  • Charges for any additional Ignite TV Boxes
  • Subscriptions to any add-ons (like standalone channels or Theme Packs)
  • Long-distance plans

What does the “Usage Summary” section consist of?

This section gives you a snapshot of the usage of your products (if any). For example:

  • The amount of internet data used
  • Movies ordered
  • Ignite Home Phone minutes used and extra charges (like overage of minutes or long distance charges)






Bill impact of switching services

If you were an existing Rogers Internet and/or TV customer and switched to a Rogers Ignite bundle, this section is for you.

If my package is part of a bundle, why are there Internet/TV/Home Phone sections on my bill?

If you switched to a new Rogers Ignite bundle, you will see an Internet/TV/Home Phone section on your first bill if you were a pre-existing Rogers customer.

This Internet/TV/Home Phone section on the bill displays charges associated with your old service. You will typically see a partial credit in this section. Since we bill one month in advance, you’ll be refunded for the number of days you were no longer receiving the service.

Why are there two TV/Home Phone usage sections on my bill?

In the section called “Detailed bundled usage for TV,” you’ll see any Ignite TV usage under your new Rogers Ignite bundle. This will be the same for Ignite Home Phone usage, which will display under the “Detailed bundled usage for Home Phone” section.

The usage for your old service will show as “Detailed usage for TV” or “Detailed usage for Home Phone.”

Did my account number change?

If your old account number was 12 digits long, it will change to a nine-digit account number. You will also find a Bank Payment ID on your bill.

If you pay your bill from your financial institution, you will need to change your bill payee account number to the 11 digit Bank Payment ID number.

Visit How to Make a Payment for help adding Rogers as a payee to your financial institution.