Play video for Introducing Voice ID: A Simple & Fast Way to Verify You When You Call

Can you tell me more about Voice ID?

Voice ID is a new service that keeps your account secure by using your unique voiceprint to authenticate you. We enroll you by capturing your voice with our Voice ID system during a call with one of our customer service representatives and creating a voiceprint. The next time you call, we should be able to identify you by your voice.

What is a voiceprint?

A voiceprint reflects the unique properties of your voice. It contains information about the shape of your vocal tract as well as other features that we use to measure your voice when you call.

Will the voiceprint work if I have a cold?

Yes, your voiceprint generally works fine if you have a cold. Everyone’s voiceprint has over a hundred different voice characteristics. A cold only affects a few of these characteristics. If you have a health condition that affects your voice, like laryngitis, voice authentication may not work. If this happens, we can authenticate you with other security questions.

Is Voice ID secure?

Voice biometrics reduces the risk of fraud compared to other authentication methods, such as PINs, passwords and security questions. With Voice ID, your account and your personal information will be secure.

Can my voiceprint be stolen?

We only store a digital representation of your voice. The recording is encrypted and only works with our system. Your voiceprint can’t be used to access other systems or be reversed engineered.

If someone records my voice, can they access my information? 

This is unlikely to occur in a live agent-caller interaction. With Voice ID, authentication happens during the flow of the conversation. If a fraudster were to have a recording of your voice, that recording likely wouldn’t flow in the context of a conversation with one of our agents. If we suspect fraud, we will deny access to your account.

Is my voiceprint really unique?

Absolutely! Over 100 different characteristics make up your voiceprint. These characteristics represent your voice. It is just as unique as a fingerprint.

I’m concerned about privacy. I don’t like the idea of your company recording my voice.

We use the same audio for Voice ID that we use in our quality assurance and training program. With that audio, we create a digital representation of your voice that works only with our system.

How do I enroll and how long does it take?

Simply contact us and an agent can enroll you using the voice conversation you’ll have. Enrolment takes no time at all and happens in the background of our conversation with you. The agent can usually enroll you on the first try, but sometimes it may take a second call.

How much does it cost?

Voice ID is a free service for our customers.

I’ve already enrolled in Voice ID. Why are you asking me for my date of birth, postal code and a security question?

Voiceprints are very reliable, but we may still need to authenticate you with other security questions from time to time. There are a few reasons why we may need to do this, such as if you are calling from a place with a lot of background noise. If you’ve already enrolled in Voice ID but we have trouble authenticating you with Voice ID, we can always delete the voiceprint on file and create a new one for you, once we have authenticated you.

Can I get rid of my voiceprint if I don’t like this service?

Yes, you can opt-out of having a voiceprint at any time -- simply contact us. If you decide to participate again, ask any agent to re-enroll you.