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You've made a great choice with Smart Home Monitoring.

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Check out these Home Monitoring installation tips to get you prepared before your installation date.

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Important to note.

For the first seven (7) days following the installation of your Services, no emergency services will be dispatched in connection with the Services, except in response to a fire smoke sensor alarm (if applicable) or a panic or duress alarm. We expect that during the initial 7 days you will be familiarizing yourself with the system and you may trigger false alarms. If you want emergency services dispatched during the 7-day grace period, please call 1-888-578-1777 (outside of North America, call +1 416-572-4501).

Note: You can still connect with emergency services by dialing 9-1-1.

Download the App

Download the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring app and control your system from your mobile phone.

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Set Customized Alerts

Learn how to customize your system to create alerts and automate your home through the Smart Home Monitoring App.

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Learn how to use the Smart Home Monitoring mobile app to create, edit or delete customized automation rules – like automatically turning the thermostat down at a certain time everyday, or getting an email notification and video clips whenever you’re away from home and movement is detected.

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Want an Insurance Discount?

Many insurance providers offer a discount when you subscribe to 24 x 7 Central Monitoring. All you need is your insurance certificate. To access your certificate, follow the steps here.