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Set Customized Alerts

Learn how to customize your system to create alerts and automate your home through the Smart Home Monitoring App.

Using the Smart Home Monitoring app

You can use the Smart Home Monitoring mobile app to create, edit or delete customized automation rules—like automatically turning the thermostat down at a certain time every day, or getting an email notification and video clips whenever you’re away from home and movement is detected.

Manage rules for Smart Home Monitoring

How to arm and disarm your system

What is Central Monitoring?

If you have 24x7 Central Monitoring, your house is monitored by a team of experienced security experts. When an alarm is triggered, they will attempt to contact you to verify that you need assistance and, if needed, emergency services will be dispatched. 


If they are unable to contact you, they will dispatch emergency services immediately.

If you don’t have Central Monitoring, you’ll receive alerts when an alarm is triggered and you will need to contact emergency services (9-1-1) yourself.

Insurance discount

Many insurance providers offer a discount when you subscribe to 24x7 Central Monitoring. All you need is your insurance certificate. For steps on how to download your insurance certificate, visit How to get your insurance certificate.