Extended Local Calling Areas

In some areas, such as New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Barrie, Rogers has extended the local calling area. You can call anyone within these areas without paying long distance charges. For more information, read on to find the potential calling area specific to you or visit rogers.com/homephone. Barrie, Ontario – Call anyone in the 416 and 647 area with no additional charge. If you currently reside in Barrie (serviced by the Barrie telephone exchange), you can call friends and family in the Greater Toronto Area at no additional charge. With Rogers Home Phone, any direct dialled call to any number with a 416 or 647 area code is a local call.

Operator and Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance

If you need help finding a telephone number, call Directory Assistance. Your account will be charged on a per-use basis.

  • For local and North American Long Distance numbers, dial 411.
  • For international Directory Assistance, dial 0.

Operator Assistance

If you need help placing a call, our operators can assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just dial 0. Several services are available, including collect and bill-to-third-party calls. Charges apply. For collect or bill-to-third-party calls, use our automated operator assistance service by dialing 0, followed by the 10-digit telephone number that you want to reach.
Note: Service fees apply to each Directory Assistance or Operator Assistance call. Local and Long Distance per minute charges apply.

Service for the Hearing- Or Speech-Impaired

The Message Relay Service provides 24/7 telephone accessibility to persons with hearing problems who use telecommunication devices for the deaf, such as teletypewriters (TTY), or other types of specialized devices to place or receive calls.

A hearing person can contact someone who is hearing- or speech-impaired via the Message Relay Service by dialing .

  • For TTY to Voice, dial 711.
  • For Voice to TTY, dial 1 800 855-0511.
  • For TTY to TTY, dial 1 800 855-1155.