Call Display Not Showing Any Information


  • Call display information is not showing on incoming calls.


  • Customer owned equipment issue.
  • Inside wiring issue.
  • Call Display is not active on the account.
  • eMTA (phone terminal) stall.


  1. Make sure that your phone is compatible with Call Display (refer to your telephone manual).
  2. Check both the phone power adapter and electrical outlet to ensure that your set is plugged in properly.
    • Display phones should be plugged in directly to the phone outlet with no answering machines, fax machines, extension cords or jack splitters between the phone and the jack as these peripherals can impede the display transmission.
  3. Verify that your eMTA is functioning correctly by checking the LED pattern.
  4. Attempt a direct connection of your telephone to the phone terminal (eMTA) using the RJ11 phone jack.
    • Bring a working phone to the eMTA; if it’s a cordless phone ensure to bring the handset, main base with the AC power cord and phone cord with you.
    • On the back of the eMTA remove the phone cord from the telephone ½ port and set the cord aside.
    • Connect the phone cord from your phone to the back of the eMTA.
    • If this is a cordless phone make sure you connect the AC power.
    • When everything is plugged in check that the issue has been resolved.
      • If the issue is still unresolved proceed to step 5 and reset the eMTA.
      • If the issue is resolved there may potentially be a wiring issue in your home. You can use your phone this way, however only the phone connected to the eMTA and any associated handsets will work.
        • If you would like to have a technician visit to repair this issue, go to step 6.
          • Please be advised a technician fee of $49.99 plus tax may apply to any technician visit if the fault found is a result of non-Rogers equipment, or you have made changes to your wiring since the installation.
  5. Attempt to reset the eMTA.
    • To do this you will need to bring a non-sharp, pointy object (such as a pencil or paperclip) with you to the phone terminal (eMTA).
    • On the back of the eMTA look for a tiny round dark hole labeled Reset (Arris) or Reboot eMTA (Cisco/Webstar/Scientific Atlanta).
    • Poke the pointy non-metallic object into the PIN reset hole and hold it for 3-5 seconds.
    • At this point all of the lights on the eMTA should return to normal.
      • If the lights do not change when you press the reset button, perform a hard reset of the eMTA by removing the battery, unplugging the power cord, and then plugging the power back in after one minute.
    • Check if the light pattern has returned to normal.
      • If yes, check that your telephone(s) are working now.
        • If you still have the same problem, the issue may be with the phone itself. If possible test with a second phone set. If the issue persists with multiple sets, go to step 6.
      • If no, go to step 6.
  6. If the issue is unresolved contact a Rogers Home Phone Technical Support Consultant at 1-888-ROGERS1 (1-888-764-3771).