Configure calling features using Star Codes or Online Manager

Setting up certain features on your Home Phone is easy. You can either dial star codes from your phone or use the Home & AwayTM Online-Manager if you subscribe to the Home & Away Online-Manager feature.

Keep in mind:

  • To configure a feature, it must be included in your Home Phone package.
  • Some features can only be configured using star codes.
  • When using the star codes listed below, remember to read the corresponding support article for complete steps and important details.


Configure using Star Codes from your phone

Star Code                                        

For complete steps, view the corresponding article

Feature Enable Disable
Access Voicemail *98


Change the Number of Rings Before Voicemail  *94 N/A
Call Forward All Calls *72 *73
Call Forward Busy *90 *91
Call Forward No Answer *92 *93
Activate/Deactivate Call Screen (Block Calls) *60 *60
Manage Call Screen List *60 *60
Call Trace *57 N/A
Call Display Blocking *67 N/A
Anonymous Call Rejection *77 *87
Three Way Calling *71 N/A
Long Distance Alert *49 *49
Long Distance Lock *95 *96
Change Your Long Distance Lock PIN *55 N/A
Friends & Family Unique Ring *61 *61
Forward My Friends & Family Calls *63 *63
Call Return Busy *90 *91
Call Return Last *69 *89
Turn Off Call Waiting (Temporarily) *70 N/A
Speed Call *75 N/A
Do Not Disturb view article to learn more
Allow Calls from Only Friends & Family view article to learn more