Troubleshoot No Dial Tone on Your Ignite Home Phone Service

When you’re experiencing No Dial Tone, you won’t hear anything on your phone set when you pick it up and you can’t dial in or out. Here’s how to fix this.

Please Note:

  • If you’re experiencing No Dial Tone with your Rogers Home Phone Service that has its own home phone modem, this article can help.
  • A cordless phone that’s displaying “No Link to Base” or “Searching” on the screen that has lost contact with the cordless phone main base. Some cordless phones will display a “No Line” message instead. If you see this, check that the base is plugged into a power outlet and that the outlet is providing power. You can also try unplugging the main base and then plugging it back in to force all the handsets to reconnect. If the problem persists, you can also contact the manufacturer of the cordless phone for assistance.

Check for Outages

If it’s more than one phone in your home that you are having issues with, there could be a network outage in your area. Visit Network Help & Outages to ask our virtual assistant Anna if there are any service issues in your area.

Fixing No Dial Tone


  • Rogers equipment is disconnected from power
  • Phone set has no power
  • Telephone wiring is disconnected or damaged
  • Network outage
  • Issue with the Rogers connection to your home 

Try these steps in the following order. And only continue to the next step if the problem persists.

  1. Check if any of your other Rogers Services have stopped working.
    • If all your Ignite Services (Home Phone as well as Internet and/or TV) have stopped working, your Internet is likely disconnected. Here’s how you can troubleshoot this.
    • Otherwise, if just the Ignite Home Phone service has stopped working, go to the next step.
  2. If you have a cell phone or other phone line, dial your home phone line.
    • If the phone set rings inside the home, but when you pick up you can’t hear anything, you’re likely experiencing One Way Voice. This article will help you fix that.
    • If your call goes to voicemail – or if it says it needs to be setup – but does not ring inside the home, go to the next step.
  3. Go to your Ignite WiFi Gateway, and check where the telephone cord is plugged in.
    • It must be plugged into Tel 1 (the topmost grey bordered jack above the round coaxial cable). If it’s not, try this and then check for Dial Tone.
  4. Make sure that the telephone cord connecting your equipment is clipped in securely at both ends.
    • If the Ignite Gateway is connected to a phone wall jack, also check that your phone set telephone cord is clipped securely to the phone set and the phone wall jack.
    • Intercom Users: You may have an additional device called a TLSD connected between the gateway and your phone or a wall jack to make the building intercom work. This can sometimes stick on the line used to connect to the Intercom. To reset it, simply disconnect the telephone cord from the Ignite WiFi Gateway, count to 10, and then reconnect it. This usually restores service.
  5. Restart your Ignite WiFi Gateway. You can restart it using the Ignite WiFi Hub app or by unplugging it for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in. If your phone set also requires power, restart it by unplugging it from power for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in as well.
    • Also restart other devices that might be connected to the home phone line like fax machines as they can “brain freeze” and hold the line open in error.
  6. If your phone currently plugs into a wall outlet, disconnect it and bring it to your Ignite WiFi Gateway. Remove the phone line connected to the Tel 1 port and set it aside. Then connect your phone directly into Tel 1.
    • If this fixes the problem, something with the phone wiring inside the home is preventing a Dial Tone from reaching the outlets. You can Contact Technical Support and we can investigate this for a fee. You can also use any local contractor, or you can try resolving the issue yourself. If you’re renting, we’d recommend you contact your landlord for assistance.
    • If you still have No Dial tone when your phone set is plugged into the Rogers equipment with nothing in-between, Contact Technical Support for further help.