Troubleshoot One Way Voice with your Home Phone Service

One Way Voice occurs when you and/or the other person you’re talking to can’t hear each other. It can also prevent you from hearing dial-tone, which sometimes gets confused for your phone service not working at all. Here’s a quick check you can do to see if that’s the case: call your home phone line. If it still rings but noting can be heard when you pick up, you’re experiencing One Way Voice.

Note: If One Way Voice only occurs on long distance calls to or from specific locations, the person who dialed the call should write down the date, time, and number called then contact their service provider. Only the service provider for the person who dialed the call will be able to determine where the failure is. However, if you have One Way Voice on all calls regardless of the destination, continue to the next steps.

Check for Outages

If it’s more than one phone in your home that you are having issues with, there could be a network outage in your area. Visit Network Help & Outages to ask our virtual assistant Anna if there are any service issues in your area.

Fix One Way Voice

When One Way Voice happens on all calls regardless of destination, this can be fixed by restarting your phone set or the Rogers equipment to force them to reinitialize their audio components.

  1. If you can hear dial-tone and you haven’t done this yet, try calling another number from your home phone line. It could be the other person you called or who called you who’s having the problem! If you can’t hear dial-tone or you still can’t hear or be heard by the other person, continue to the next step.
  2. Start by restarting your phone set. Unplug the main base (the one with both power and a telephone cord connected) from the power outlet, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging it back in. The telephone cord can remain connected.
    • If you have several different phone sets (i.e. a cordless phone and a corded phone, not a cordless phone with multiple handsets), and they are all experiencing One Way Voice or none of your phone sets plug into power, try Step 4 first. It’s not common for multiple phone sets to stop working with One Way Voice at the same time.
  3. Try a test call to see if things are working normally again and continue only if necessary.
  4. Restart your Ignite WiFi Gateway or Rogers Home Phone Modem (it is often found by the fuse panel in homes or by the Internet modem in apartment units).
  5. Try a test call, service should be restored now. If it’s not, contact Technical Support for assistance.