Troubleshooting Call Display

Caller information is not being displayed

  1. Ensure that you are subscribed to the Call Display feature.
  2. Make sure that the phone is compatible with Call Display. (Refer to your telephone manual.)
  3. Check both the phone power adapter and electrical outlet to ensure that your phone is plugged in properly. Call Display phones should be plugged directly into the phone outlet, with no answering machines, fax machines, extension cords or jack splitters between the Call Display phone and the jack. These components may prevent the Call Display information from being sent to your phone.
  4. If none of the above suggestions work, Contact us and request Rogers Home Phone Technical Support.

My Call Display only shows 7 digits of a phone number. I am unable to redial missed calls directly from my Call Display list

Some Call Display-compatible telephones allow you to program your area code into your phone. This means that calls being displayed show only the 7-digit telephone number (without the area code). If you are in a 10-digit dialing area and attempt to redial this number, the call will fail. To display the full 10-digit telephone number and avoid this problem, do not program an area code into your phone. Refer to the phone manufacturer’s user guide to learn how to delete the area code.

If the above does not work, Contact us and request Rogers Home Phone Technical Support.

I subscribe to Call Display. Why can’t I see the caller ID details for all of my calls?

Some of the reasons why the caller ID details may not be displayed include:

  • If some calls display as Private Name or Private Number, the caller has intentionally blocked display of his or her number and/or name.
  • The Call Display feature may not be available or may not display correct information for calls made from public, business or cellular telephones, calls placed by operators or some Long Distance calls.
  • If you are using the Call Forwarding feature, information about calls initially intended for your line cannot be displayed.