How does it work?

Connect compatible security cameras and doorbells to your Ignite Self ProtectTM system to record video and sound 24/7. Sound is optional. 

Easily review recordings from the past 7 days with the Ignite HomeConnectTM app. 

Go straight to the action using filters. You can even download and share memorable events! 

How can I get the 24/7 video recording feature?

Ignite Self Protect includes 24/7 video recording. You’ll need a compatible security camera or doorbell camera.

What are the system requirements?

You’ll need to download the free Ignite HomeConnect app from the App Store or Google Play.  

System requirements 

  • The app works exclusively with Ignite Internet packages and bundles featuring the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. 
  • Upload speeds of 2 Mbps or more and download speeds of 3 Mbps or more. 
  • Safari (iPad or iPhone) doesn’t support 24/7 video recording. 

Does 24/7 video recording count towards my home Internet data usage?

Yes, cameras and doorbells with 24/7 video recording continuously send video to the cloud. 

Cloud storage allows you to access your recordings for up to 7 days, from anywhere. 

Data usage depends on how much activity happens in the camera's view. With typical activity, a camera or doorbell will use 100 GB per device, per month. 

How many video recording devices can I have running at once?

You can have up to six cameras and doorbells recording 24/7. 

You can choose which device is active at any time in the Ignite HomeConnect app. 

Can I choose which device sends motion notifications?

Yes. You can turn Motion Notifications on or off for each device and choose which activity triggers a notification. 

How do I turn on the sound?

Sound recording is turned off by default. 

In your Ignite HomeConnect app, scroll down to the desired camera or video doorbell and select the camera thumbnail. Select the three dots in the upper right. Select Camera Sound. 

Toggle On or Off to turn on the sound. 

How can I easily find specific footage?

Footage can be easily located by using the filters. Filters can be customized by either people, pets or vehicles. 

How do I download footage?

You can download video recordings bookmarked from the Ignite HomeConnect app.