Turning on and using 24/7 Video Recording

Learn how to use the 24/7 Video Recording feature of your in the Ignite HomeConnectTM app. You can turn on 24/7 recording, browse footage and time-stamped events, and turn on motion notifications and sound.

For system requirements and other questions, visit the 24/7 Video Recording FAQs.

How to turn 24/7 Video Recording on or off

  1. Sign into the Ignite HomeConnect app and select the Home tab
  2. Select the thumbnail of the desired camera.
  3. On the camera page, select the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Toggle the 24/7 Video Recording switch on or off.

Note: Once turned on, the camera will continuously record video and save it to the cloud for 7 days. When it’s turned off, the camera will provide live video, but does not record.

Viewing 24/7 Video Recording footage

On the Home tab, select your camera to scroll through a 7-day timeline of footage stored on the cloud. You can also scroll through a list of date- and time-stamped events, and filter your timeline by categories such as people, pets, vehicles and more.

Turning on notifications

On the settings menu for your camera, you can turn on motion notifications in the Notifications section.

You can toggle these on or off or choose which events you’d like to be notified of (for example: people only).

How to record sound

Recording sound through your camera is off by default.

To turn it on:

    1. On the Home tab, select the camera you’d like to modify.
    2. On the camera page, select the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
    3. In the Preferences section, where it says Camera Sound, select the arrow next to Off to open the setting.
    4. Toggle the Camera Sound switch to the On position.

Now you can record sound for live and 24/7 video recording. You’ll also be able to use the Talk button for live two-way talk and listening.