FAQs about Ignite WiFi Pods

Learn more about Ignite WiFiTM Pods from Rogers, including how they work, how to purchase them and how to get started. If you already have pods learn how to install and use them now with this helpful article.


What are Ignite WiFi Pods and how do they work?

Ignite WiFi Pods are an advanced WiFi system you can plug into different electrical outlets in your home to extend your WiFi coverage. They connect wirelessly to the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem for an even stronger, faster connection in the hardest-to-reach places in and around your home.

Pods work together with your gateway to create a single WiFi network with multiple access points and use smart mesh WiFi technology to get around sources of signal interference. They learn and adapt to how you use your Internet to automatically give you your best connection.

How do I know if I need pods?

While the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem offers powerful WiFi throughout your home, there are many factors that impact your WiFi signal: the placement of your modem, the capabilities of your device and even building materials in your home.

Ignite WiFi Pods can enhance coverage for faster WiFi in more places. So you can connect more devices wherever you choose.

Consider the following when deciding on pods:

  • Is your gateway modem installed in a central, open location in your home to optimize WiFi signal? Would you rather it be in a different spot?
  • Do you have a larger home or unique layout needing more flexible coverage?
  • Would you like to extend WiFi to your backyard, balcony, garage or workshop? Pods are certified for indoor use only but may improve outdoor coverage if installed near exterior windows or doors.
  • Would it be helpful to connect a gaming console or computer directly to the Ethernet port of an Ignite WiFi Pod?

How do I get started?

Ignite WiFi Pods work exclusively with the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem and can be added to Ignite InternetTM packages and Ignite TVTM bundles for $5/month per pod.

Depending on your home, you may want:

  • 2 pods or more: Ideal for extending WiFi outdoors or for enhancing coverage in homes with 5+ bedrooms.
  • 1 pod: Great for enhancing WiFi coverage in 1- to 2-storey homes with 3-4 bedrooms.

New to Rogers? Contact us to add Ignite WiFi Pods to your internet package.

If you are an existing Rogers customer, contact our Technical Suport team. An agent will perform an assessment of your home to help optimize your modem placement and, if needed, determine if pods may help enhance WiFi coverage.

Once you receive your pods, you can install them in just minutes using the Ignite WiFi Hub app. Check out our Easy Setup Guide for Ignite WiFi Pods or view our FAQs for tips on how to use your Ignite WiFi Pods.