FAQs about the Ignite WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee

Here’s everything you need to know about our commitment to delivering our most reliable home WiFi coverage to ensure our Rogers Ignite customers are always connected. From your first setup to ongoing proactive support, we’ll ensure you are consistently satisfied with your WiFi.

Powerful WiFi in every corner

Here’s how we help ensure powerful WiFi in the homes of our Ignite Internet and bundle customers:

Easy installation: Use the Ignite WiFi Hub app’s easy on-screen instructions to successfully set up your modem and WiFi network, maximize your coverage and test your connection to achieve powerful WiFi.

Ignite WiFi Gateway modems: Our strongest modems yet provide thorough coverage throughout your home, especially when placed in a central location.

WiFi extending pods: If you find WiFi problem areas in your home, contact our Technical Support team through our Contact Us page. An agent will perform an assessment of your home to help optimize your modem placement and, if needed, determine if pods may help enhance WiFi coverage. To learn more about Ignite WiFi Pods, check out this helpful article.

Ongoing, 24/7 support

If you ever experience an issue with your Ignite WiFi network, you can find a solution quickly and easily:

Troubleshoot most problems directly via Ignite WiFi Hub:

Before you begin: The testing feature is not available if you have an Ignite WiFi Pod connected in Ignite WiFi Hub.

  1. Sing into Ignite WiFi Hub on the app or Ignite WiFi hub website.
  2. From the Overview screen, select Connect.
  3. Under More, select Troubleshoot Device.
  4. Under What device isn’t working?, select the device you’d like to test.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to test your WiFi connection and to view the results of the test.
  6. If you’d like to check out some more helpful troubleshooting tips for getting your best WiFi connection, select Show Tips on the test results screen.

For more advanced technical support, open the app and select the question mark icon at the top corner of the screen to chat with technical support.

Visit our Rogers Ignite services page to find helpful articles as you self-serve.

Finally, contact us here for additional help. For persistent issues, agents can provide remote video assistance.

Ignite WiFi Hub

The Ignite WiFi Hub app is available exclusively with Ignite Internet packages and bundles featuring the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. It’s the ultimate tool to personalize, help protect and manage your home WiFi network.

Here are some examples of how you can use Ignite WiFi Hub to make the most of your home WiFi:

  • Create custom WiFi profiles for everyone in the household, including all their connected devices
  • Easily set WiFi schedules and alerts
  • Use Advanced Security to help prevent access to unsafe content for added peace of mind. Learn how to turn on Advance Security from his helpful article.
  • See at a glance which devices are currently connected to your home network
  • Access troubleshooting tips right from your phone with just a few taps
  • Test the WiFi signal on each of your devices at any time to help ensure strong connection.

Learn more about Ignite WiFi Hub here.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Behind the scenes, our Network and Technical Support teams actively monitor the Rogers network to stay ahead of issues and help keep you connected. Plus, we invest in ongoing enhancements to continue delivering dependable home WiFi.