Troubleshooting your Ignite Voice Remote - Ignite Streaming

Having issues with your Ignite Streaming's Ignite Voice Remote? Check out these troubleshooting tips.

Solution 1: Pair your Ignite Voice Remote

If your Ignite Voice Remote isn’t working with your Ignite EntertainmentTM box, your TV or any other devices, check out this article to learn how to properly pair them.

Solution 2: Check the battery level

If your remote blinks red five times upon pressing any buttons, this indicates low battery. If you see this red light, change the batteries immediately.

Otherwise, there are two ways to check your Ignite Voice Remote’s battery level:

Using a voice command

  1. Press and hold the Mic button on your Ignite Voice Remote.
  2. Say, “Remote settings” or “Battery.”
  3. Release the Mic button. The Remote Settings screen will display, revealing the battery level.

Without a voice command

  1. Press the Rogers button on your Ignite Voice Remote to open the Ignite Entertainment box main menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Remote Settings to view the battery level.

To resolve the issue, simply replace the two AA batteries in the back of the Ignite Voice Remote.

Solution 3: Unpair and repair your Ignite Voice Remote

  1. Press and hold the A and D buttons on your Ignite Voice Remote at the same time until its light changes from red to blue.
  2. Enter 9-8-1. The light at the top of the remote will flash to indicate it’s been reset.
  3. Re-pair your remote to your Ignite Entertainment box and TV by following these instructions.

Solution 4: Replace your Ignite Voice Remote

If your Ignite Voice Remote is defective, we will replace it at no charge. Contact Technical Support to swap your defective remote for a new one.

Lost or broke your Ignite Voice Remote? You can also purchase a new one for a cost at any time by contacting Technical Support.