Turn Bridge Mode On or Off for your Ignite WiFi Gateway modem

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You may need to turn bridge mode on or off on the Ignite WiFiTM Gateway Modem if you are adding or removing a third-party networking solution.

Before you bridge your modem, note the following:

  • Putting this modem into bridge mode will disable any Ignite WiFi boosting pods in use and prevent you from using Ignite WiFi Hub.
  • If you’re an Ignite Bundle customer, and Ignite TV is connected to the modem via WiFi, bridging your modem will disconnect any WiFi-connected devices and cause issues with your Ignite TV service. Note: While this is not guaranteed, we suggest you only turn off the WiFi on your modem and place your third-party solution into Access Point/Bridged mode instead.
  • If your internet stops working when the modem is bridged, check the top of your modem for a solid white light. If you see this, try rebooting your third-party WiFi network solution and making sure it’s still connected to the gateway first.
  1. On your computer or device, open an internet browser.
  2. Enter and hit Enter.
  3. Sign in with the following credentials:
    • Username Admin
    • Password: The default is “password” but you’ll have been asked to change it on your first sign-in.
  4. Select Gateway.
  5. Select At a Glance.
  6. Next to Bridge Mode:
    • Select Enable to bridge the modem
    • Select Disable to turn bridging off.