How do I pay my bill?

The easiest way to pay your bill is by setting up pre-authorized debit payments directly from your bank account on the 8th of the month or the next business day. Find the form to set that up on the bottom of your invoice.

Other options for paying your bill:

  • Take your invoice directly to the bank to pay it
  • Pay it through online banking. When selecting the payee name ensure you select: ROGERS (11 Digit Bank Pymt ID).
    • You can verify your Rogers Bank Payment ID number at the top of your bill before selecting the payee name.

Billing runs from the 1st of the month to the end of the month.

Can I pay by Credit card?

No unfortunately at this time we do not accept credit card payment.

Can I pay my account on the Rogers website?

No unfortunately at this time this account can only be paid at your financial institution or via preauthorized debit.

Can you explain how to read my invoice?

On your bill there are 5 main sections

Page 1:

Account summary – Any previous balances and payments received.

This Bill – Current month charges. (A breakdown of the current charges are found on page 2)

Page 2:

Internet – This shows the current months charges and any changes made since the last invoice as well as any promotions.

Adjustments – This will show you any additional promotions or adjustments

Rogers Pre-authorized Debit Agreement – Fill out the information in this section to sign up for preauthorized debit so you will never have to worry about a payment again.

I don’t see the discount I was promised, where should I see that?

Discounts will show on page 2 of your monthly invoice. They will show under current charges and/or adjustments.

How do I register for online billing?

You can register for online billing at www.rogers.com/mbaportal. You will receive a temporary system generated password that will expire in 24 hours. You are encouraged to change this password upon your first log in.

Once registered you can log in and see your account summary on the left-hand side and you can view your bill there. You cannot complete any transactions on this portal, it is only used to view your invoice or usage on your account.

I forgot my password to the online portal

You can simply follow the steps online by going to www.rogers.com/mbaportal and clicking “forgot your password?” under the login button.