What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is the ability to secure a product prior to the official release date for availability in-store.*

You can select to either pre-order for delivery to your home and get it faster, or pre-order to pick up in-store. If you need to change your plan to qualify for a product upgrade for ship-to-home, this plan change will be effective when you make your pre-order even though your product will arrive when stock is available.

*Excludes accessories, Smart Home Monitoring and Pay as You Go Devices.

Why should I pre-order?

Pre-orders are convenient because they allow you to secure select devices ahead of time via ship-to-home or ship-to-store. Ship-to-home pre-orders also guarantee that you’ll be among the first to get your device as soon as the manufacturer ships inventory.

What is a backorder?

A backorder occurs when the product you wish to purchase is out of stock. Once inventory becomes available, your backorder will be filled.

An estimated shipping date will be provided to you at the time of your purchase; however, your actual shipping time may change if the manufacturer delays the shipment for any reason.

How do I make a pre-order or backorder?

The pre-order and backorder process is the same as making a regular order online. To learn more, follow the instructions here.

What is the difference between making a pre-order or backorder that will ship to my home versus one for pick up in store?

When you make a pre-order or backorder that will ship to your home, first you select your device or hardware. Then, payment is taken upfront and your order will ship to the address of your choice as soon inventory becomes available.

Note: if you are upgrading and making a plan change as part of your pre-order or backorder, your new plan will take effect immediately despite not yet having received your new device.

When you pre-order or backorder for pickup in-store, you are asking for a device to be set aside at a store location of your choosing and payment is taken when you pick it up from the store.

When will I receive my pre-order or backorder?

At the time of purchase, an estimated shipping date will be provided for your pre-order or backorder device, which will indicate the approximate timeframe we expect stock will arrive from the manufacturer.

Estimated shipping time may change if the manufacturer delays the shipment for any reason.

Once you receive your shipment notification, expect to receive your order within 2 to 5 business days. If you live within the Greater Toronto and Vancouver areas, you may receive it within 48 hours. If you have chosen to pick up your order at a store, you will receive email notifications with your place in line as well as when stock arrives for you to pick up.

What is the official release date for my device?

Release dates are always set by the manufacturer and are announced when they issue new product launch press releases.

Why is my pre-order subject to inventory availability?

Manufacturers ship products to Rogers based on the anticipated demand at launch. However, if demand exceeds the inventory that we have available, we may not be able to ship your pre-ordered item to you immediately. This is because orders are processed and shipped on a first-come, first-served basis.

Why do I have to wait for my pre-ordered or backordered device?

Our shipment dates depend on how much inventory we have available, which is determined by the manufacturer. We will prioritize and ship devices to customers who choose the ship to home method.

If your pre-ordered or backordered device or hardware is to be picked up in-store, you will be notified when it has arrived at the store and is ready for pickup.

Orders typically take 2 to 5 business days to arrive after they’re shipped, although they may arrive within 48 hours of shipping for customers in the Greater Toronto or Vancouver areas due to proximity to our distribution centres.

Can I pre-order or backorder my device in-store?

No. Currently, you can pre-order or backorder online only.

Can I pre-order or backorder my device for ship-to-home and have it shipped to a store?

No. Currently, for ship-to-home you can only have your order shipped to a personal address, not to a store address.

What if I’ve placed a pre-order or backorder but change my mind about it?

If your order hasn’t been shipped yet, please contact us to ask for a cancellation. Otherwise, please return it to us with the included return postage in your package and you’ll be refunded as soon as it is received.

Can I pre-order more than one device at a time?

You can pre-order up to 10 devices on any Rogers InfiniteTM plan. As an existing customer, you can pre-order one device per pre-existing line that you’re upgrading.

When do I get billed for my pre-order or backorder?

For in-store pickup orders, you will be charged a fully refundable $40 registration fee + tax that will be returned to you either upon cancellation or pickup of your order.

For ship-to-home orders, you are either charged via credit card at the time of your order or, if you are upgrading a device, you may have selected to be billed via your monthly bill. Ship-to-home orders require upfront payment even though your order will be shipped as soon as inventory becomes available, likewise your price plan change associated with your upgrade will also become effective at the time of order completion.

Where can I check the status of my pre-order or backorder?

You will receive the following:

  • Email notifications to confirm that your ship-to-home pre-order or backorder will ship as soon as stock is available.
  • An email to confirm whether it has been shipped.

If you pre-ordered or backordered for pickup in-store, you will be able to check your place in line. You can find a link to this page inside your confirmation email.