How do I suspend my lost/stolen phone?

You can suspend your lost or stolen phone online through MyRogers.

If you don’t have a MyRogers account, you can sign up today!

Once you’re registered, here’s how you can suspend your phone:

  1. Log in to your MyRogers account.
  2. Click on your Wireless account.
  3. Select Lost or stolen device under the My Device.
  4. Review the message onscreen and proceed to click on Suspend Services.

You are still responsible for regular monthly service fees while your phone is suspended.

Phone suspensions are meant to protect you from unauthorized users incurring additional charges on your device if lost or stolen.

If you’re going on vacation, try our ROAM LIKE HOMETM plan or our Rogers Infinite Canada+US plan so you use your talk, data in the US just like you would at home, without any roaming fees. With either option, you can use your device abroad instead of temporarily suspending your wireless plan.

However, if you’d still like to suspend your service while travelling, there are other options. First, make sure you don’t have a FLEXtabTM device balance left to pay off on your device:

  1. Log in to your MyRogers account.
  2. Click on your Wireless account.
  3. Review the My Device section to locate your device balance.

If the line you want to suspend has a balance of zero, you may be able to suspend your service for a set period of time at a reduced monthly rate. Just contact us to confirm the suspension. If you are already out of the country, you can reach us through our toll-free international number at 1 514 734-7699 or contact us.