How do I get Voicemail-to-Text on my wireless phone?

To get the Voicemail-to-Text app, contact Live Chat.

When I use Voicemail-to-Text, how long will it take for the text message to arrive?

Voicemail-to-Text conversions are received within 3 to 5 minutes of the message being left in your voicemail box.

Will I need to change my greeting on my voicemail box if I am using Voicemail-to-Text?

No, you won't need to change your greeting if you are using Voicemail-to-Text.

If I delete the Voicemail-to-Text converted message, will I lose the original audio voicemail message?

No. Your audio voicemail message will continue to be stored in your voicemail box for either 5 to 10 days (depending on what kind of voicemail service you have) even if you deleted the converted Voicemail-to-Text message.

How many Voicemail-to-Text messages can I receive on my phone?

As many as your phone model text inbox will allow - check the cell handbook/user guide for more details.

When I get a Voicemail-to-Text message, can I see who the call came from?

Yes. The caller's phone number will be displayed with each Voicemail-to-Text message.

Will I still receive Voicemail-to-Text text messages from SpinVox if I am travelling?

Yes. SpinVox will continue to convert all messages from your voicemail box to text messages and send them to your wireless phone.

What languages can be converted by SpinVox Voicemail-to-Text Text?

SpinVox has the ability to convert English and Canadian French voicemails to text.