Share Everything

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How will my Share Everything monthly fees be billed?

The primary line on your Share EverythingTM plan will be billed the base monthly fee, which varies depending on the device payment option (Premium Tab, Smart Tab or No tab), calling option (Canada-Wide vs. Local) and data bucket you have chosen. Each additional line/device will be billed any corresponding fee plus taxes, all on the same bill.

Do I need to have a smartphone to be on a Share Everything plan?

For the first line, you must activate a smartphone and choose a Premium Tab, Smart Tab or No Tab payment option. The monthly price will vary depending on the payment option you choose. For additional lines, you can add any type of device you want to your plan, such as tablets, smartphones and more!

Who can make changes to my Share Everything plan?

Changes can be made only by the person responsible for the account. However, if you are part of a Share Everything plan, you can request information about your own individual account, but not about other individuals on the same Share Everything plan.

How am I actually saving on a Share Everything plan?

Having a Share Everything plan is more cost-efficient than having multiple individual plans, and it’s also easier to manage. Plus, with every device/user sharing the data, it ensures that you are making the most out of your plan.

Will my current price plan change if I change to the Share Everything plan?

Yes. Your current price plan will change to the price(s) of the new Share Everything plan.

Can I purchase just the data bucket as an add-on?

No, the data cannot be purchased alone. It must be paired with a device and voice line.

Is a separate Wireless Service Agreement required for each Share Everything user/device?

Yes, there is a separate agreement (term) to fulfill for each device in the Share Everything plan. The agreement is based on the price plan and term each user has chosen.

What if I don't have any devices to share with? Can I still activate on a Share Everything plan?

Yes. You can activate your smartphone on one of our Share Everything plans without sharing with any other device. You may add devices to your plan later, up to a total of 9 additional devices.

If I move to a Share Everything plan, can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Yes. Phone numbers are transferable to and from Share Everything plans. However, this excludes numbers associated with Pay As You Go plans. 

What devices can I use on my Share Everything plan?

The first line must have a smartphone device on a Premium Tab, Smart Tab, or No Tab payment option. However, additional lines can be used with smartphones, tablets, sticks, hubs, hotspots and basic (talk-and-text) phones, or with Wireless Home Phone (if available in your area).

How many users/devices can share one Share Everything plan?

You can have a maximum of 10 devices in total on one plan.

Can I add a Value Pack on a service which is on a multi-line plan (Share Everything)?

Yes. For multiline accounts, the Value Pack is provided only to the wireless number that subscribes to it, not to all numbers on the plan. If you would like to have a Value Pack for all your wireless phones, you must individually subscribe to a Value Pack for each number.

Is unlimited calling and text messaging shared with ALL devices/members of the plan?

Yes. Everyone on the plan gets access to the unlimited features.

Can I mix and match unlimited Canada-Wide Calling and unlimited Local Calling between members on my plan?

Yes, Share Everything plans are designed to be flexible to meet your family’s needs. If you choose the Canada-Wide Calling option on one line, you can opt for the Local Calling option on another line for $5/month less!

How can I switch from multiple separate lines to a Share Everything plan?

You can switch to a Share Everything plan simply by calling 1 888 764-3771. If you're a Small Business customer, please call 1 866 306-2333.

What if there is a user in the plan I don't want to share access to data with?

You can choose to add a basic (talk-and-text) phone, which will share only the unlimited talk and text portion of the plan, not the data.

What happens if the primary line of the Share Everything plan is deactivated?

The person who held the primary line can either continue to pay the invoice each month or contact us to transfer responsibility for the plan to a secondary user to take over the primary line; the secondary user will then become the primary user on the account.

Are all Share Everything devices/users eligible for the Hardware Upgrade Program?

Yes. Each Share Everything device/user is eligible for a hardware upgrade. However, users may need to change their plans depending on the devices they want to upgrade to. Please contact us to assist in choosing the best offer for you.

Do all the users/devices have to be on the same term?

No. Each device/user can select the term that best suits them (i.e., a 2-year term or a month-to-month one). The term of one user will not impact the term of anyone else on the same plan. 

If I bring my own device, do I get a discount on the primary line or does the discount only apply on the additional lines?

The discount applies to any smartphone you bring over, whether it's used with a primary or secondary line . This applies to every line where you bring your own device.

Will I automatically be switched to a Share Everything plan?

No. You can keep your existing plan as long as you want, but if you want to add devices or require more data, you will need to switch to one of our Share Everything plans.

What if my needs change and I need more or less data on my Share Everything plan? Can I change my plan?

Yes. You can change your Share Everything plan at any time for free as long as you keep the same term option or device payment option.

Can members on my Share Everything plan be from different regions across Canada?

Yes, with the exception of sharing with members living in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec, where the plans are regionalized. Please contact us for details.