What is text messaging?

Text messaging, also called Short Messaging Service (SMS), is a wireless service available on digital mobile networks.

You can send text messages to another text messaging capable phone. You can also receive text messages from another text messaging-capable phone.

Who can send and receive text messages?

All wireless customers that have a compatible device can send and receive text messages. You don't need to subscribe to a text messaging plan to be able to send and receive text messages. Rogers wireless customers can receive text messages from other Rogers customers and customers of other wireless carriers (both within Canada and internationally).

How much does Text Messaging cost?

Depending upon the text messaging plan you choose the cost for sending a text message may vary.

All Rogers InfiniteTM plans include unlimited text messaging sent from Canada to a Canadian wireless number. We also offer Rogers InfiniteTM plans that include unlimited U.S. text messaging (from Canada to a U.S. number).

  • If you do not have text messaging included with your plan you are subject to pay-per-use rates of $0.25/message to send/receive a text messages from your wireless phone while in Canada to another Canadian number.
  • Pay-per-use charges are generated in 160-character increments. For example, if a text you send exceeds 160 characters an additional pay-per-use charge will apply. And if a text you send exceeds 320 characters another pay-per-use charge will apply. And so on
  • If you do not have unlimited text messaging, you can confirm the details for your current plan by signing into MyRogers.
  • Sending text messages from Canada to a US or international wireless number is $0.45/message.

How to add a text messaging add on through MyRogers

For more information about our value packs and long distance add-ons, visit our Plans and Add-ons page on rogers.com, or sign in to MyRogers.

  • Once you've signed in, go to the number you want to update and select Manage.
  • This will take you to your wireless services page.
  • Scroll down and click on the link that reads Browse add-ons for more options.