Rogers Value Packs

Please note: Value Packs are no longer available to new Rogers wireless customers or existing Rogers wireless customers (unless you currently subscribe to and have an existing Value Pack on your wireless account). If you are an existing customer without a Value Pack on your wireless account, you are no longer able to add one to your account. The following information is for Rogers wireless customers with existing Value Packs only. If you currently have a Value Pack, you may have some of the features listed below. To confirm your specific features, sign in to your MyRogers account.

Premium Voicemail-to-Text

  • Get a text version of your voicemails sent straight to your device.
  • Store up to 35 five-minute messages and save each one for up to 10 days.
  • Use Call Return to connect immediately to callers.
  • Respond to messages by text or voice.
  • Listen to your voicemail without dialing in or having to enter a password.

iPhone Visual Voicemail

  • See who left you a message and when they left it.
  • Listen to messages in any order.
  • Use the Call Back button to connect immediately to callers.
  • Store up to 35 three-minute messages.
  • Save messages for up to 10 days.
  • Receive notifications when you have a message.

U.S./International Preferred Rate

Avoid standard pay-per-use rates and save on calls from Canada to over 100 destinations. Plus, no additional U.S. long distance charges apply after 240 U.S. long distance minutes each month. Airtime not included.

Unlimited U.S. & International Text, Picture and Video Messages

Send text, picture and video messages worry-free to friends and family in the U.S. and abroad.

Name Display

You can view callers identified by their individual or business name, regardless of whether they are in your contact list.


You will receive a text message identifying incoming calls you missed because you were unreachable (e.g. your device was turned off, had an out-of-charge battery or was in an area with no signal).

Airtime is extra and charged at the standard rate.

  1. By subscribing, user accepts message being processed outside Canada.
  2. iPhone Visual Voicemail differs from the Visual Voicemail Plus service.
  3. Applies to calls originating in Canada on the Rogers wireless network and terminating in Canada only. Not applicable while roaming. Airtime charged in addition to long distance rate. Rates may differ for landline versus mobile calls. Calls originating in Canada and terminating outside the applicable countries associated with the particular add-on are charged at standard rates. Mobile Terminating calls are billed by the second (30-second minimum). Airtime charges apply to both landline and mobile terminating calls. Long distance charges are rounded up to the next full minute.
  4. Includes text messages sent from Canada to the U.S. or internationally. Sent text/picture/video messages while roaming are not included and are charged at applicable roaming rates.
  5. Compatible device required. Not all numbers can be identified. Requires a subscription to Call Display.