Rogers Infinite plans

What sets them apart?

Rogers InfiniteTM plans offer unlimited data. They have a set amount of high-speed data. If you use all of your plan’s data allotment, you can use unlimited data at reduced speed (up to 512kbps).

  • They offer 5G and 5G+ (or 3500 MHz spectrum) network access.
  • You’ll never have to worry about running out of data or getting overage charges on your bill.
  • You can use them as standalone plans or share the data with up to 10 Rogers Infinite lines.
  • They’re compatible with Roam Like HomeTM, Extended Coverage and Data Manager.

What’s new about Rogers Infinite plans?

We made it easier to distinguish between our new Rogers Infinite plans by adding speed tiers. We also renamed plans to focus on their features and perks. Discover the latest Rogers Infinite plans.

  • Rogers Infinite plans that were available before October 26, 2022, stay the same.

What are the different speed tiers?

Speed tiers make it easier to choose your plan and pay only for what you need.

  • Infinite Essential and Infinite Lite plans can access speeds up to 250Mbps. They’re ideal for fast and reliable speeds for enhanced browsing, streaming, sharing and gaming. You can download an HD movie in as little as 4 minutes.
  • Infinite Extra, Infinite Advanced and Infinite Premium plans can access speeds up to 1Gbps. They’re ideal for the ultimate experience with faster speeds and even higher quality entertainment. You can download an HD movie in as little as 1 minute.

How can I maximize my experience?

You’ll need a 5G or a 5G+ device and a 5G SIM to experience ultra-fast speeds and enhanced connectivity. You’ll also need to be in a 5G or 5G+ network coverage area.

You can find out if your device has 5G+ capabilities in the device specifications. The device must support the n78 band to access 5G+. Learn more about the benefits of 5G.

Using and sharing data

Can I add data to my plan?

Yes. You can purchase a Speed Pass if you need more high-speed data. You can use the extra data until the end of your billing cycle.

Do all my lines have to be on the same plan?

No. You can select the plan and data allotment that best suits everyone's needs.

Can I share data with my tablets or smartwatches?

Yes. Rogers Infinite plans for tablets and smartwatches share the data from your account’s data allotment.

What speed tier can I access when using my account’s shared data?

You'll access your own plan’s speed tier. For example, if you have a Rogers Infinite Lite plan, you'll have access to speeds up to 250Mbps.

What speed tier can I access when using my device as a wireless hotspot?

You'll access your wireless plan’s speed tier. For example, if you have a Rogers Infinite Extra plan, you'll have access to speeds up to 1Gbps. However, speeds also depend on your connected device's capabilities.

If I roam internationally on a Rogers Infinite plan, will my speed tier apply?

Yes. Any speed tiers on your plan still apply when you are roaming. Network coverage and data speeds will depend on the country that you’re in.

Switching to a Rogers Infinite plan

Can I keep my Share Everything plan?

We no longer offer Share Everything plans. However, if you still have one, it’ll stay the same until you decide to make the switch.

If I switch to a Rogers Infinite plan, do my other lines need to switch as well?

Yes. You’ll need to switch all of your lines to Rogers Infinite plans.